Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blessed Endings

First thing yesterday morning we welcomed our returning Grace UMC team from Corpus Christi. We sent them right to work painting the exteriors of both Vicky's and Robert's homes and all the while praying the rains would stay away to get both done! The skies opened up a few times but only for short durations and believe it or not -- they turned Robert's house the most beautiful mint green and Vicky's the hottest pink in the world! She picked her color and you just can't help but smile as you drive up to the house! Both teams are back today and trying to really get them both finished -- and the skies are crystal blue to thank them!
Along with them arriving yesterday we had to say farewell to our team from around the Dallas area and some of our PDA team from Illinois. The rest of the PDA teams all worked about half a day so they could see some sites and be ready for the evening.
Why ready for the evening? It was House Blessing time for Hsilda and Cipreano! And what a blessing it was! Hsilda told me she was going to have her Pastor there along with some family and friends --and she had live music that rocked the house! All the team members were there and all left so filled and yet teary eyed with joy! Hsilda had also cooked more mexican food than the law should allow and the festivities went into the evening. In one of the photos you see me with her case manager (and a dear friend to me) Tony of the Boat People SOS. He is managing quite a few of the cases we are working with and he also loved the joyous occasion last night! Even though these teams didn't do the work in their home -- they represented all those "angels" that had done the work over quite a few months. Thanks to all of you -- you know who you are and we only wish you could've been here in person!
This morning we welcomed another team -- Bob and his group from the Baytown area. They are working at Teresa's with exterior painting and yard cleanup. Teresa's health doesn't allow her to be in the sun so they have all jumped in and are cleaning and organizing along with putting the finishing touches on her newly rebuilt and painted home.
And now it's time to bid farewell to both of these teams and prepare for next week. I am working on weekly reports and preparations of which team will work in which home. And of course there are the material deliveries going out to specific homes tomorrow (yes, Sunday) !! My count of team members for next week is quickly approaching the 50 mark and that doesn't include the team of electricians coming for Saturday!
It's a very busy time of year and we are thrilled to be finishing homes and starting new ones. Make sure you stay tuned as I think we are having yet another very special house blessing next week and are starting yet another new project.
Just in case you have lost count -- this week we had teams working in 11 homes --- all at the same time -- and you wonder why I meet myself coming and going! What an awesome dream Monty and I get to live ----------- all thanks to all of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . be a blessing to everyone you see! Susan and Monty

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