Friday, March 19, 2010

Robert and Olga's House Blessed

The past 2 days have been packed with things going on and I only hope I can relay part of it to you and that it makes some sort of sense!
Thursday once again brought perfect weather and all teams took full advantage!
Brian and Carol's flooring is now in with only the carpeting remaining. Today we learned we will be able to put on a new roof, something really needed and funds were approved today so the kids took advantage of some free weight lifting and carried them to the top of the roof to be ready for next weeks team.
Carol now has her drainage ditches complete, her house painted and guttering on the corner to lead the water directly to the ditch. Her House Blessing will be next week and we are thrilled to have her complete.
Mel and Billie are dealing with the sudden illness of Billie's sister and we would ask for prayers as Billie will be traveling to spend time with her sister and with everything going on in their kitchen she will be missing seeing it all come together. They have the walls in and are taping and mudding and will be ready to continue with them and the flooring and then cabinets next week. Transforming right before our eyes.
The plumber was determined to make it back to Martha and Steven's to work on their problem and was leaving to get started very late this afternoon. He realized just how valuable plumbers are for us and if only we could keep him longer!
Thresa is also getting final painting and flooring in her home. She was cooking up quite the feast of home made gumbo and the works for all of their lunches today! Spoiling them for sure!
Jocelyn was beside herself with joy at seeing her kitchen walls getting painted and tile finished on her floor trim.
Rosaland's has 2 of the 3 coats of tape and mud on the entire house and they were working on the exterior painting of her porch late this afternoon. Again and "structure" looking more and more like a house.
Joyce also has her tub/shower installed and working and all walls now in. The kitchen ones are even primed and will be textured and painted next week. Her kitchen flooring was also delivered today in preparation for next week.
Allan and Rosemary also have a working shower and bath walls along with lower level trim.
And yesterday at the end of the work day we all gathered in Robert and Olga's house for their House Blessing! Every single volunteer came and to say the house was packed is an understatement! It was awesome and such an honor for the teams to come and represent all those teams who left their hearts inside and outside of their home.
Dinner was a very special occasion also as we were all invited to the PDA camp for their weekly Family Night dinner feast! They do this each week -- their volunteers invite the homeowners to come to dinner and share their thanks to everyone. Last night was exceptional! The most profound was Jocelyn -- she could barely get the words out but finally the tears cleared long enough to tell everyone how she was on the verge of suicide when we first found her and how she is now filled with hope and a new lease on life! THAT is why we do what we do and THAT is God!
There was a sad note to the evening -- the PDA camp manager, Ben will be leaving us all next week and heading back home. He's been with us for the past 3 months and the gift of hospitality unlike I've seen before! He has become dear family to both Monty and I and it was tough to think that in one week he will be gone. Jane is the new manager for a few months and it will be a joy to get to know her.
As we all filled the building last night, nearly 75 of us in all -- it was so awesome to once again be in a room filled with people who took time from their own lives, from their own families and from everything comfortable to them to come and do whatever God had for them! The love in the room was enough to blow up the building! The joy was combined with tears -- tears of joy -- and lives were being touched all over the place. Volunteers who don't want to go home and homeowners who don't want them to go home! Strangers who became family -- in only 4 short days! That has to be God -- and Monty and I are blessed and humbled to be able to see it happen over and over again week by week! Thank YOU for making that possible!
Until next time we thank all those who came and made a difference this week! God will bless you in return so get ready!!!
Blessings and love to all, Susan and Monty

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