Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Put to the test

The rains came, and they continued all day long! In doing what we are doing we would be fine if it never rained! I know, I grew up on a farm and this statement would not bring a smile to either of my parents faces but . . .
All of our teams were hard at it and the main ones fighting the weather were those trying to get through the pavement to dig the drainage ditch for Carol. They even rented equipment to make it a bit easier but then the equipment had a breakdown and once again they found a water line -- the hard way! A couple of repairs and they ended their day at noon -- a much needed break and hopefully the weatherman is correct with his forecast of sunshine tomorrow and through the end of the week.
Thresa's team was continuing their trim work and painting and preparing for flooring in the next couple of days.
Rosaland's team of nearly all women have mastered the art of taping and floating and were thankful for Matt's expertise and teaching.
Joyce was getting her new tub installed and the ceiling and walls in her kitchen are nearly ready for texture and then priming and painting. She's getting more excited by the day.
Jocelyn now has a brand new garage door to replace the broken one and both doors have new trim around them to make them safe. This team also braved the weather to complete their task but also found work inside to keep them a bit drier.
Mel and Billie now have new subflooring underneath where their new kitchen cabinets will be installed and the plumber made his way to their bath vanity so they are exchanging their kitchen sink for a vanity sink -- in the meantime. Mel had built the cabinets by hand, board by board and the team said it was quite the job removing them.
Brian and Carol's crown molding is complete and beautiful. Their bathroom is also coming together and will be ready for the plumber with his finishing touches tomorrow. Their flooring is also being installed and we are getting so very close!
Allan and Rosemary were also getting their new 60 inch shower installed. It wasn't without its challenges since the shower was made with a center drain and their old tub had a right side drain but the team rose to the challenge and mastered it! The rest of the team is doing a great job with trim downstairs.
Tomorrow morning I will be greeting our team of 42 college students from Iowa. They will be a great blessing to Stephanie and her family and will hopefully have their entire household of this and that organized and turned into something workable.
On a personal note -- we are facing some major work on our camper trailer. A few weeks ago we had a windwarning issued during the dead of the night -- so we missed the warning -- and realized our antenna was still raised high in the air on our roof. Come morning we cranked it back down and knew it had sustained damage. Not until the last rains did we realize the extent of the damage and the leaks. We did turn it in to our insurance and with the most recent estimate we might be faced with the damage being more than 80% of the value of the camper and we would have to total it out! We are praying this will not be the case. This is our home and although it must be repaired we hope the repair company will understand our circumstances and give us a break and the insurance will agree to have it repaired and we will be good as new. Please join us in this prayer!
Until next time . . . thank you for all your prayers, love and support! Susan and Monty

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