Friday, March 05, 2010

Hank and Cherie's House Blessing

What a powerful past couple of days! Getting it put into words is tough and can't possibly relay all of the emotions, all of the joy and all of the sadness of seeing great teams leaving!
Yesterday all teams were working away, each accomplishing more than they ever thought they could or would. All traveled directly from working to Hank and Cherie's for their House Blessing that has been long in the making. It was awesome to see their home filled with volunteers, no matter if they weren't the ones who had helped with their home, no matter if they had never even met the family -- they stood in for all those who had helped, who had prayed and who had left their mark, their sweat and their love in the home and in Hank, Cherie and Blake!
We packed the house and all were thrilled to see how beautiful it is. Our "Basket of Blessings" always shows each of us how God can take plain, ordinary things (like us) and use them to bless others.
Welcome Home (officially) Hank, Cherie and Blake! You will forever be our family!
Today was the usual Friday where all teams are trying with all they have to finish the projects they are working on. Teresa's team worked miracles in so many rooms in her house! Her kitchen looks new and the family room is new! In transforming rooms they transformed Teresa herself! The tears of joy flowed freely along with smiles that will take awhile to fade. Thanks team -- you are truly Texas Flies (inside joke!)
Joyce's team now have the bathroom completely gutted and all new plumbing installed! What a task they had before them and what a miracle they accomplished. And to top it all off -- the presented her with a brand new toilet -- complete with a big yellow bow on top! It's amazing to see how excited a woman can get at the site of a new toilet -- that's when you know you are working in disaster recovery! :)
Jocelyn's team refused to quit until her entirely new kitchen was installed and working. And you can see the smile on her face as she stands with one of her team members who is now also family. She didn't even care that her hair was full of curlers!
Carol's team had a couple of women who literally mastered the art of texture on walls! And they also found out they loved doing so! Maybe they'll start a side business??!!
Kim and her team have the house closed in and her team of 3 left with all sorts of new skills and a new appreciation for how houses are built.
Brian and Carol have completely beautiful walls and ceilings, complete with crown molding! They can really see that the end is near and the excitement mounts with each passing day. Sam and Ethel have done a wonderful job managing the teams and in doing so have "adopted" Brian and Carol and I believe would move mountains for them if it would cause their house to be more beautiful! Back to that relationship thing again!
Each week at orientation we talk about being flexible and doing whatever God has for us to do each day. This week has been a test of that in so many ways. The team that started in Galveston on Monday and then left that homeowner to come up here, divide themselves into 3 teams and work on challenges that were "out there" in so many ways. They rose to each occasion and in doing so added to their family! The youth that came in with wide eyes and not sure just what they would be doing or how they would do it and they all were fabulous! They also learned things -- one girl even learned electric!!!-- and they left with love in their hearts and a real sense of accomplishment! And all of them got to see the end result at Hank and Cherie's House Blessing! A perfect ending indeed! God's perfect timing!
And then once again we say goodbye, shed some tears and get ready to welcome a new team for tomorrow who will tackle 3 electrical issues we have. They are from the Houston area and are electricians and are giving up a weekend day to come and help others. What a blessing!
We hope you get a blessing from just reading about our time here!
Until next time . . . thank you!!!!! Susan and Monty

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