Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monday on Thursday?

I had no more than finished the blog last evening when the phone rang telling me Joyce had been taken to the hospital via ambulance! She suffered a series of convulsions and is still hospitalized undergoing tests to determine what caused them. I did talk with her over the phone and she is in good spirits and says this has never happened before and all she wants to do is go home. I'll keep you updated -- please keep her in your prayers.
This morning started quite early with phone call after phone call and I ended up with a Monday on a Thursday. I wondered why Monday seemed to go so smoothly and now I know! God has quite the sense of humor!
The thunderstorms rolled through in the middle of the night with more high winds but this morning was full sunshine and a bit breezy but you can see the college students from Michigan were enjoying lunch in the park next to the bay!
All teams were rolling full steam ahead with only the slightest change of plans taking the team from Joyce's back to Thresa's. All others were still painting, texturing, painting some more, finishing sheetrock, installing flooring, still painting some more and on and on.
A slight glitch at Brian and Carol's as we prepare for their house blessing in the morning -- one of the men slipped while running some wire in the attic and managed to put a foot through the ceiling right above the stove in the kitchen! Some repair work was underway and thankfully no one was hurt!
This evening we will be heading to the PDA camp for their family night and to meet the newest member of the camp, the gentleman who will be responsible for running tools and materials to his teams while they work with us. He called me today and was already in a tail spin with all the different jobs in all different areas and all different cities! He'll get the hang of it in no time!
We are also holding our breath as the estimate for our camper was faxed to the insurance company today so now we wait . . .
Until next time . . . be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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