Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday

First of all -- Joyce is still in the hospital but they did get a diagnosis. She had a mild stroke with no noticable side effects. Praise the Lord! I went to visit with her today and she is feeling fine. The doctors are trying to lower her blood pressure and maintain it before releasing her. No news as to when that might be. Joyce was so thankful to Ruth from the team who stayed with her at the house and at the hospital and says she doesn't even want to think about how it might have been if the team had not been there. God always sends us who we need when we need them and this time He outdid Himself!
This morning started off with our House Blessing for Brian and Carol. It was great as we literally packed the house. The staff from the PDA camp all came along with Eddie, our supervisor from UMCOR. All the volunteer teams came, even the college students from Michigan who were leaving today but wanted to be here to help bless the house and Brian and Carol. Sam and Ethel had a plaque for them and PDA had a specially made cross. Brian and Carol were so thankful to everyone who has come and left their heart and soul in the rebuilding of not only their house but their lives!
From there they were off to work for the final push of getting it done on Friday! You can see the start of the kitchen cabinets at Mel and Billie's and the floor is also going down. Lights are going up, paint is being touched up, trim is going in and people are in every room in every corner trying to get as much done as time will allow them.
Jocelyn's did get completed along with the exterior of Martha and Steven's. What a great week it's been! Thresa's flooring is also going in along with Rosaland's house completely textured and painted -- 2 coats! Rosaland found some time to leave work and come and meet and thank the team and it meant alot to them.
A week of so many things happening, so many blessings flying from city to city, house to house, homeowner to homeowner and volunteer to volunteer! It's always tough to say goodbye. Each team changed lives this week -- the homeowners and their own!
What an awesome God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . be a blessing everywhere you go! Susan and Monty

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