Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heights, Depths, No Boundaries

If we were being paid to do this as part of our job we would have walked off and quit!
What a laugh! When we're volunteering and serving because our heart is in it -- there are no boundaries and today was proof -- double proof!
The morning started early -- we needed to get to Joyce's to check on the plumbing problem and see what we could do. It didn't take long to realize that no amount of snaking the pipes was going to release a clog that most likely has been there for over 40 years! The team set in to start digging the line up -- and they dug -- and they dug -- and they dug! They found the line and found where it was broken -- in more than one place. And then there was still the clog where they couldn't find the line. It was clear that after 2 hours of trying that we all needed some professional help.
Now -- finding a plumber after disaster? It's easier to find a lost diamond in the middle of the ocean than find a plumber -- no kidding. It took 3 phone calls of "sorry we can't help you but maybe so and so can" before we got even a possibility. And after continuing to dig and continuing to try and find the problem we got the call -- one angelic plumber had mercy on us and came to our rescue. I was expecting him to give me an estimate and then tell me we would have to wait who knows how long before he could find the time -- but God! He said he was trying to retire and he knew the team would be able to do the work? The team wasn't quite so sure but after the plumber spending some real quality time with them they assured me "we can do this" and they meant it. They headed off to get the materials needed and after I checked on them a couple more times during the day they were doing fine and were completely replumbing around the problem area. And Ms Joyce ?? She has more patience than the rest of us could hope for in a lifetime! After the plumber left she told me she had to go and shed a few tears of joy and thank God for sending one of His angels!
This team only works half the day tomorrow and I have no doubt they will accomplish miracles! If they can work through the digging and the smells and the challenges of today -- they can accomplish anything this life throws at them!
And as if one plumber angel isn't enough for a day -- God blessed me with two!
I had an appointment to meet one to give me an estimate for Rosaland's house. The fear of seeing his estimate was about to get the best of me until he told me his company does work for Habitat for Humanity and he knew the constraints we are under! Isn't God amazing!
From working in those depths I headed to Logan and Janey's and saw the heights that this team reached -- literally! After building the deck and a ramp that extends nearly 60 feet long they put together the design and built the most awesome roof over the deck that I think I've ever seen! It's complete with drip edge to keep the rain water from crashing on your head while on the ramp to hurricane bracing it and even angling the railing to keep the edges smooth! The women were nailing on the shingles and by days end it was fabulous and should make it super easy for Logan to use his wheelchair and get outside and into the yard whenever he wants to!
So much more went on this Thursday -- Teresa now has flooring in her new bedroom and family room and she told me her granddaughter could play on the floor for the first time in her little life!
Mel and Billie are completely painted outside and their bedroom and family room are also walled in and taking shape like you wouldn't believe unless you see it.
Jocelyn has been working along with her team and was in tears of joy at the color of her newly painted walls today! She is usually in so much pain she can't do much and this week her pain has miraculously disappeared! She can't wait to see her new kitchen come to pass next week!
Carol was getting her new window installed and was thrilled to know her dryer would no longer vent to the inside of her home and her washer is now properly installed. Her insulation in that wall should be done tomorrow and preparations ready for the team next week.
Brian and Carol's team really took to heart the lesson in sheetrock finishing that Monty gave them yesterday and it looks fantastic. They will be patching and spraying their ceilings tomorrow and it has been transformed!
Allan and Rosemary's is almost all painted and they will be reassessing their rebuilding plans next week so we will sit out a week and then be ready to send in teams when they have a final plan.
The only sad note of the day -- we said goodbye to Monroe and his Amish teams! They have been here with us for the past 7 weeks and have accomplished things we thought nearly impossible! They were amazing to get to know and we will miss them! Having them here for 7 weeks -- we got used to them and will have a vacancy in our hearts starting tomorrow when we realize they aren't here with us! Thanks Monroe -- we love you!!!!!!!!!!! See you next time!
And this evening was the special dinner where the PDA camp invites all the homeowners where their teams have been working to come together and share their stories and thanks! What an awesome and blessed way to bring the week to an end! Lives changed forever --- both homeowners and volunteers!
Also, our Canadian who suffered the stroke was taken home today!! Praise the Lord and thanks Charlie -- we love you and know God will continue to be with you throughout your recovery!
It's another of those days where I find myself realizing -- on a whole new level -- the perfect timing of our Lord! But more than that -- realizing that He is always there for us and how deeply He must love us!
What an awesome God we serve and how humbling it is to serve Him and see Him change lives every single day and numerous times each day!
Until next time . . . thank God for your own blessings! Susan and Monty

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