Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada Delayed

Yes, our team from Manitoba were scheduled to leave today. They might be able to go tomorrow. Early this morning one of the team members wasn't feeling like himself and as the morning went on he didn't get any better. He ended up in an ambulance and at this time he is still there and will remain there through the night. All of his tests are coming back okay but they have a few more to go. The entire team decided to stay and hopefully they will all be driving back tomorrow healthy and happy! Keep them in your prayers.
That team wrapped up at both Janey and Logan's and Allan and Rosemary's doing fantastic jobs at each and preparing for the next incoming teams on Monday. We thank them for their 2 weeks of service and know God will bless them for their service and hearts of compassion for the lives they touched forever!
You can see the priming going on at Mel and Billie's and thankfully Lonnie was there to hold that shrub back from the house! :) He has been the driver all these weeks for the Amish and we have kidded him about working -- he's been awesome and we get a kick out of teasing him.
The Amish continued their work in both Mel and Billie's and Teresa's today and will be returning to both jobs on Monday to start their final week here with us. Amazing work and amazing folks!
The PDA team that has been working with Joyce and Sam and Ethel's house also wrapped up their last day. The team with Sam and Ethel have literally transformed that home for this elderly couple. They even went the extra mile and brought in furniture! Their hearts were touched beyond anything they expected and I know this couple will be blessed beyond their wildest imagination!
And then you can see the Amish working on the front door installation at Robert's while Monty and the electrician are underneath trying to figure out the electrical problem. They never did get it figured out completely but then there's always the next time.
Ms Joyce is still not happy that her team is leaving. We had a long talk with her while the team was sheetrocking her ceilings and finishing the structural repairs on the back of her home. She talked about how important the first impression is and how amazing this team had been for and with her. She said her life will be forever changed and they are all true angels! We agree!
The week has been awesome, wonderful and filled with blessings. There's no way to count them all and just trying to reflect back over the week brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.
And the most wonderful thing is --- we get to do the same thing next week with new teams!
Until next time . . . we thank all the teams and we keep them in our prayers knowing God has wonderful and special blessings just for them!
Susan and Monty

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