Monday, February 22, 2010

New Day -- New Jobs

Over 50 volunteers spread out over 7 homes and I didn't even take one photo -- where was my head? Spinning on a Monday! :)

We packed Pastor Bob's little church with our orientation this morning! Presbyterians with Methodist with Amish and who knows who mixed in. It was awesome and the way God wanted it to be!

Our PDA team from Illinois is working in 2 new homes, Jocelyn's and Carol's. Each has their work cut out for them but all are doing fantastic. They are gutting some walls, rebuilding others and painting everywhere. They also are working at Joyce's house where they are removing kitchen cabinets in preparation for the new ones coming in a couple of days.

Our UMCOR team from around the Dallas area are working on the final odds and ends inside and building a new deck and ramp at Janey and Logan's. When I met up with them at Lowes they were heading out with materials so I added a new kitchen sink for them. You've heard of "everything including the kitchen sink" and it becomes reality here many times!

Monroe and his Amish team returned to Mel and Billie's and Teresa' to continue the transformations there. Mel and Billie's house was literally turning blue -- the beautiful blue she picked out for the exterior. They are also close to getting the spare bedroom ready to move Mel and Billie into so we can continue with the rest of the house. It's looking great. Teresa is also getting ready to be moved to her new room so they can work on the rest of her home.

Our second PDA team is working at both Brian and Carol's and Allan and Rosemary's. I think the team at Allan's were derailed upon arrival since their son, Matthew called saying their main water line was broken and needed repaired! God's perfect timing again!

Matthew is also making it his mission to daily visit our PDA team member who is hospitilized here and not able to return to Canada just yet. He reports that he is getting a bit stronger day by day and appreciates all the prayers. Please keep them going as he has a long road ahead of him.

Even though this week just began we are already looking to the end on Friday. We will be having a House Blessing for Hsilda and Cipreano and their family at 6pm that evening. We are so excited and Hsilda was actually thinking about cooking dinner for everyone until I informed her we would have nearly 60 volunteers present -- and then she thought again and decided that was a bit much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her own Pastor will be attending along with a few friends. It's always exciting to bless a home and the homeowners and I think that's why they are waiting to officially move in. If you are in the vicinity give me a call and I'll let you know where! The more people the more blessings!

And also looking forward in the week we will be welcoming our Grace United Methodist team back to work on Friday and Saturday and Bob will be bringing another team to work on Saturday! So the number will surpass (way surpass) the 60 and we are thrilled and blessed!

Be sure and stay tuned --- and I promise to try and do a better job taking photos!

Until next time . . . be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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