Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sue

Yes, Sue decided this is the way she wanted to spend her birthday -- helping others! Brian and Carol are glad she did! The entire team went to Galveston for a nice dinner to help her celebrate! Thanks Sue -- we hope it was one you will always remember.

The skies were pretty cloudy all day and the colder weather had arrived but it didn't stop anyone from working. The Canadians still thought it was warm!

My first trip was to the Houston area for our weekly UMCOR meeting early in the morning. From there it was a quick stop for some materials for our team at Janey and Logan's. When I arrived to deliver it I was amazed at their progress. They were nearly ready to start flooring!

We then stopped in at Mel and Billie's to see the delivery truck had arrived that morning -- a mix up on their end but it did finally make it. They had the subfloor down in the bathroom, nearly all the sheetrock hung, were working on flooring the front deck area, sheetrocking the back room and most of the water was pumped out from underneath the house. They still needed plumbing done in the bathroom before putting down flooring and fixtures.

We were back to get materials for the deck flooring and picked out bath flooring for Mel and Billie while there. It's always a challenge to select things like that for other peoples homes but I think they will be pleased with what we chose and it will match the new paint color nicely. When we arrived back they were home and Billie had fun posing on their old toilet now sitting outside!
The folks at Allan and Rosemary's were coming along very nicely with the tile flooring. They were a bit upset when telling us Allan had fallen down their stairs but said he wasn't hurt. That's been my biggest fear there and hopefully we can do something to make those stairs a bit safer.
Brian and Carol's team have nearly all the sheetrock hung and most of it taped. They were headed for a few more materials and were excited to see it coming together to look more like a real home.
By the end of the day we were meeting an electrician at Rosaland's. He will give us a bid on doing her house. It was amazing to drive up and see men on the roof with its final touches, men inside, men outside adding the new plywood, installling new windows, installing new entry doors and then house wrapping -- all in preparation for the brand new siding! What a difference! It almost took ones breath away and Rosaland had a smile that shown from down the street. They only problem was that when the dumpster driver changed out the full one for an empty one he hit the chain link fence gate and as I left he was on his way to see what they could do to repair it for her.
Lives being transformed right before our eyes as we see houses become closer and closer to being homes!
We're living the dream for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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