Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping up

Sorry I don't have photos this evening -- I'm doing well to just hit the keys in the right order to make words!

It's been another day where I know I met myself on the roads and it was quite the site!

Our day began with the news of a train derailment in Santa Fe which made it impossible for me to check on Teresa's house. She was far enough from the site that she didn't have to evacuate but the roads were closed. The Amish made their way there and continued the painting of the exterior of her home. We are thankful she and her family are all okay.

I spent the first couple of hours of the day getting material orders ready for 6 different homeowners! I even had the sales folks confused but we made it through and everything got to the right places!

From there it was off to deliver those materials and meet with the electrician that will begin at Rosaland's tomorrow. He hopes to have it all completed in a couple days. From there we will be bringing in a plumber and when they are finished we can return to volunteer labor. The city of Texas City requires us to use contractors for both electric and plumbing and we are here to abide by their rules for sure.

Joyce and her group were thrilled at the progress going on there. We did have to take a step back and realize that her entire set of kitchen cabinets are beyond repair and must be removed and replaced. We also must bring in a plumber there as she has serious issues in the bathroom. The team is doing a great job at rebuilding her soffits and getting her new ceilings in and walls painted. She broke down in tears at the thought of tomorrow being their last day with her. Even though I assured her another team will come next week she is certain they won't be the same! Just wait till next week!

Janey and Logan's team have nearly all the base trim in and will be wrapping up alot of the things Logan has on his list of things still needing to be done. I did get the material ordered for the construction of their back deck and ramp which we will work on next week.

Allan and Rosemary's team also finished their flooring project and are also working on base trim and realizing that tomorrow is their last day. I still can't believe both these teams came all the way from Manitoba, Canada!!!

Mel and Billie's team started the priming of their home while waiting for the finishing of their sheetrock to dry. They should be closer to getting them moved into the new bedroom and then tackling the rest of the house. I still can't believe how awesome the outside looks!

As I mentioned earlier, Rosaland's siding is all complete, the reframing of her bathroom is done and with the electrician starting tomorrow we will be stepping out for a week or so. It also looks fantastic!

We also were able to get some exterior paint donated and will be painting Robert's house next week. The Amish are working on installing his entry doors and the electrician will install a couple of exhaust fans in his bathroom tomorrow and he and his family will officially move in over the weekend! Welcome home Robert and Olga and girls!

I also spoke with Vicky and she will get her exterior paint so we can get her house painted next week. Now --- if we can just get the weather to cooperate we'll be painting the town some really pretty colors next week!

On a very personal and somber note -- we need some very powerful prayers! We have just learned that a very dear friend of ours who is barely 30 years old has been diagnosed with a brain tumor -- at nearly the same time he and his wife learned they are expecting their first baby!!!! Please keep them both in your prayers. God is the Almighty healer and we are praying for His power to prevail in this situation.

Until next time . . . be blessed and be in prayer. Susan and Monty

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