Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Non Stop

What a Tuesday!! The storms blew in and out last night and the sun was back out this morning blessing us with a crystal clear day and cooler temps. Perfect for rebuilding!
Our first stop was with Mel and Billie where we met the delivery truck loaded with sheetrock and subflooring. The Amish had the old bathroom completely torn out and were working on replumbing -- after we brought in the pump to get all the standing water out from underneath the house. They were also working on removing the old ceiling in the back room and securing the front deck along with putting another coat of mud on the walls in the spare bedroom. Many hands working in many directions.
From there we headed to Texas City to see Rosaland and also meet the same delivery truck there with shingles and roof sheating. The men were working away at replacing and repairing and securing rafters and roof tails. They were happy to have the delivery so they could start covering the open areas where they removed the damaged roofing yesterday.
After a quick trip to check on the progress of ceramic tile flooring at Allan and Rosemary's we were headed back to Rosaland's to meet with the professional engineer and get his direction on the exterior of her home. He told us we are to remove all of her existing siding and replace it with a base of plywood, then housewrap it and then install the hardiplank siding. We also are replacing each and every window so Monroe was off to do some major shopping. We have to follow each direction exactly in order to pass inspections for the building department and Texas windstorm insurance requirements. He also told us how and where to install the hurricane bracing, every rafter and every stud must be tied down! The team of Amish will have more than enough work to keep them busy!
Back to San Leon to check on Mel and Billie's again. They were still awaiting the delivery of their toilet, vanity and remaining things needed for the bathroom. The truck had been delayed so much to their dismay they will be without a bathroom for tonight! Sometimes it just happens and we just have to make other arrangements. They just might get to really know their neighbors tonight! The water standing underneath the house was being successfully pumped out and the flooring and plumbing were going well. Tomorrow will be a better day --- as soon as the truck shows up!!!???
A quick check on George and his team at Brian and Carol's revealed absolute beauty! Brian and Carol had found a front entry door in the trash after the storm and brought it home. It had a cut glass insert built in the door and it didn't even have a scratch on it. This team managed to build it a frame and install it in one of the main walls of the home -- absolute beauty!!!! The sun was coming through as I walked in and it is definitely the focal point of the home. And the smiles on Brian and Carol's faces said it all!!! "Another mans' trash . . ."
The team at Janey and Logan's were busy painting and planning to start on installing the bath vanity and cabinet and will be starting on the flooring within a day or two. They did a fantastic job with the paneling, chairrailing and trim combination. Logan had quite the smile on his face as he sat back and saw it all coming together. He is doing very well with his physical therapy and is even getting up and standing for periods of time! Go Logan!
Another day of miracles, beauty and blessings! And it's only Tuesday!
Until next time . . . bless someone today! Susan and Monty

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