Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where's the Ark?

Once again, when you live in a camper trailer you hear (and sometimes feel) every drop of rain. Throughout last night just way too many drops fell, and hard! I can't figure out if the moisture on all the windows is on the outside or the inside? The bathroom vent leaked like crazy -- must need more sealer around it. But --- good luck finding a dry day to get it done! A towel on the floor works for now. :)
But the teams continue working, no matter what the weather. Today is to be a carbon copy of last night.
Teresa and Monty are working out some electric issues in the above photo. She herself is running the electric in her home!! You go girl!! Meanwhile the Amish have the insulation in her new room and are hanging and finishing the sheetrock. The outside is on hold waiting for better weather. The progress in her home is nothing short of amazing!
A few more of the Amish decided to take on the task of finishing the deck for Mae Ruth. The team that started it had their last day on Tuesday and as of yesterday evening it is now complete! She does have the second set of steps that she asked for and this deck is sturdy enough to withstand most anything. Great job men!
George and his team continue the progress on Brian and Carol's home as it also transforms by the day. With the plumbing done they are working away on the walls and windows. The rest of his team gets closer and closer to having the electric done in Mel and Billie's home. Each time they face a challenge they find an answer and keep moving forward.
Looks like we have a new resource for a larger shower for Mel and Billie and for Allan and Rosemary. I gave the organization some pricing yesterday and will hopefully hear a positive response back today. This will save us precious dollars and we are so thankful when organizations like this come up with special projects they can do.
I also put together some kitchen and bath plans for Mel and Billie as we have to watch each dollar so closely. Looks like we can get a nice size kitchen along with the bath -- thanks to some timely discounts!
With the weather being less than cooperative we are also at a small standstill for Rosaland. The roof is next and it just isn't going to happen this week -- maybe next? It's really tough when we have to sit out of a large project for a week or so but we always must remember that all is done in God's perfect timing. After all, Psalm 127 reminds us that He is the builder -- we are just hands and feet!
Until next time . . . may we all be an awesome set of hands and feet working for our Lord!
Be a blessing and get a blessing. Susan and Monty

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