Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Jobs at once!!!

What an amazing day! Monty and I were on the road from job to job the entire day -- and there just weren't enough hours in this day!
Very early we started out here in San Leon. We've got Sam and Ethel helping us with teams this week and they are watching over the 3 teams here locally and even with the 4 of us we were on the road all day long.
Our first stop was Janey and Logan's to check on the deck construction and you can see the men with the bunny ears -- it started the day with hilarious laughter! They were going gangbusters on the deck and ramp both and no doubt had both of them done by the end of the day. Inside they were scraping doors and preparing to paint and working on counter top and sink installation.
Next was Brian and Carol's where Monty was happy to give his "sheetrock finishing 101" lesson to the team who have the entire house to finish -- with the final 2 coats. Sam was heading to Galveston to the warehouse to pick up interior and exterior paint for their home and they were thrilled and headed off to get painting supplies.
Next was Allan and Rosemary's where they are also painting inside, ceilings included. That can be tough on ones neck but they were amazing.
Next was Mel and Billie's where we were "seeing blue" for sure. Outside they were finishing the first coat and starting the trim painting. Inside they were finishing some rooms with paint and getting ready to move Mel and Billie out of their bedroom into the newly redone spare bedroom so they could tackle their bedroom and get it started. The blue is beautiful and I can't wait to see it completely done.
After a quick bite for lunch it was on to Texas City to see Jocelyn's team. She had also been helping again today and even with her physical inabilities she was thrilled to be helping and sounded as giddy as a kid while working with her team. She and her beloved protector were taking a short break on the bed when we arrived. They are also preparing to do an entire interior repainting and it should be beautiful. Her ceiling fans were also going up and tile repairs getting ready to be made.
Next we headed to Teresa's with some floor adhesive for her Amish team who are laying flooring to prepare for the final flooring. Her 2 rooms are completely new and wonderful. And as you can see in the photo -- Monty has a new girl in his life and she is beautiful!!! Teresa's granddaughter is a doll.
Next was a peak at Rosaland's as the electrician is now complete and passed the city inspection with flying colors. Now on to the plumber and then we can return with volunteers. We hope to get the exterior completely painted with our weekend teams coming in this week.
Next was Joyce's where we discovered some more major plumbing issues. All it took was a phone call to Monroe and he and some of his Amish will be there tomorrow to get the issues resovled. The walls are down to the studs so he has a clean slate to work with. The PDA team was thrilled to have the help and will be learning quite a bit about plumbing tomorrow. They were also getting her family room repainted and it looked great.
Last but not least weas Carol's where they also had her wall completely exposed and had replaced some damaged studs. They also found out that there wasn't any insulation in that exterior wall so no wonder Carol always felt a draft coming from there. That will be corrected tomorrow and the wall and new window will be a tremendous change for the better.
And then it was past dinner time and the rains with sort of sleet were falling. The temps are taking another dive tonight but should rally around noon tomorrow. We cautioned the teams to check weather conditions before starting out tomorrow and if an extra hour was needed before starting out to please take it.
As we traveled today and got the chance to visit with each team member and each homeowner it made me realize just how much is going on this week --- with the teams as well as the homeowners. The connections between them are already growing deep -- and it's only Tuesday!
We did get an update on our hospitalized Canadian -- he is doing much better, was sitting up in the chair and some slow speech is returning. No word on how long he will be here or if they will try and get him back to Canada. Time will tell.
Be sure and stay tuned for the rest of the week. So many jobs going, so many things happening, so many smiles and even more laughter mixed in with hearts of service and the joy of learning new ways to show Christs love to total strangers!
Until next time . . . "love thy neighbor" and change your own life. Susan and Monty

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