Friday, February 12, 2010

The rain finally !!!! stops

I didn't think the rain would ever stop! ALL DAY LONG yesterday and the fields, yards and everything look like we had inches!! Thankfully today the rains stopped and all we had to deal with was the colder temps and lots of mud!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allan and Rosemary's tile floors are fabulous and the team will be working in the last room left on the first floor soon.
Logan and Janey's flooring is also going in along with their bathroom coming together. Won't be long and they can actually have a bedroom and bathroom all to themselves.
Teresa's is all sided outside and looks incredible. A bit of primer and a couple of bits of paint and it will be beautiful. The inside rooms are nearly ready for both also. Please keep her in your prayers as she is quite ill and trying to rest but with the sounds of sanders, hammers and such it's not easy!
Rosaland's siding is going on along with the trim. She will also be ready for color transformation next week -- if we have no rain!
Mel and Billie will finally have a working bathroom tonight -- it's been a few days and they have been very patient! Going without a bathroom can be a bit stressful but the wait has been worth it. It has been completely redesigned and will give them so much more room, not to mention a new large size shower, new toilet and new vanity.
Brian and Carol are all sheetrocked in and today was the last day for George's weekly teams. We will miss them and are so thankful for all the work they have done! It is now a home and that is priceless.
What a week -- blessings, challenges and hearts overflowing with service for others! And some of them are even working tomorrow!
Until next time . . . join in the fun and help someone else today! Susan and Monty

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