Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Tuesday

Wow -- the ground was literally covered with a hard frost this morning that made me think I was back home! Then the sun came out and the temps went up to near 60 and I knew I was not at home! Thankfully! :)

The trimming of Mel and Billie's exterior is nearly complete and has really made it look incredible! They might even be able to use their new shower tonight if the water testing is successful. With work going on inside and outside it's quite the busy place.

Rosaland's siding is on and the trim is also nearly complete. They plan on starting priming tomorrow and framing her bathroom and bedroom closet back in to prepare for the electrician to start his work.

Teresa's is now primed on the exterior and they were sanding away on the walls inside preparing for primer and paint. The Amish women joined the crew and if you look closely at the photo you will see their unique design to cover and protect their shoes.
The flooring is all in at Logan and Janey's and looks great. They are working on the trim and some finishing touches in the bathrooms before going to the kitchen to work on countertops.
Allan and Rosemary's flooring is also coming along well and nearly complete. They also will focus on trimming when done with flooring.
The team at Joyce's were thrilled to see the POD storage container show up! They had nearly boxed themselves into a corner inside and were busy packing boxes and furniture in the storage to prepare for taking down ceilings and flooring inside. We have also called for an estimate for her electric and heating and air as both aren't working safely. The team is going to literally truck away trash and debris tomorrow and load it into our dumpster located at Rosaland's.
The day of sunshine and warmer temps along with dryer air made it great for everyone, no matter where they were working. Let's hope the weather forecast is correct and it holds throughout the week!
Many times I have written about the relationships that are built between teams and homeowners and how they can last a lifetime. Teresa called me with a perfect example -- she just received a hand written birthday card from the first Amish team that worked on her house -- each and every team member signed it with their address! She admitted that it's the best birthday card ever! Volunteers just don't realize the effect they leave with homeowners! It's life changing --and life giving!!!!! God has to be smiling!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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