Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunny and windy Monday

We enjoyed the warm sunshine yesterday -- until -- the wind warning came to pass and we felt as though we might tumble over in the trailer.
This morning brought continued winds but not quite so strong.
The sun was back out and the teams were ready for orientation.
Our team from Canada went straight to work continuing their work at Allan and Rosemary's and Logan and Janey's. Both were running full steam ahead this afternoon and had a list of a few materials that I'll be bringing them tomorrow. I can't believe they are both on their second week of working flooring on their knees and are still able to stand up straight and walk! A God thing!
Our Amish had a day of teams arriving so they were only working at Rosaland's where they continue putting on the exterior siding. Tomorrow they will return to both Teresa's and Mel and Billie's. Maybe Mel and Billie will have a working shower by the end of tomorrow?? I know they are more than ready but also have been more than patient and we thank them for that!
Our new team is from the quad city area in Illinois and started two new jobs. Part of them are working at Joyce's (photos above) where they are packing up her belongings to be stored in the storage unit arriving tomorrow so they can remove ceilings and flooring and put it all back together again. We already ran into some major plumbing issues that will require us to remove most of her bathroom but we will take it all one step at a time. The rest of the team went with leaders Sam and Ethel and were doing a similar job of removing contents to be able to rebuild, prime and paint. It's tough when the homeowners are living in their home and we have to take things apart and aren't always able to put them all back together the same day, or sometimes the same week. We do what we can to keep things livable for them and we appreciate their flexibility.
You can see Joyce's grandson and his "no teeth" smile! With today being President's Day he was home from school and had a blast helping the team with packing things in boxes! He latched on to one of the volunteers and it was no wonder -- she's a kindergarten teacher! Another God thing!
As we go forward with this week we are also preparing for the weeks to come. I just received an updated volunteer schedule and next week is huge but March is "huger?" We are so thrilled that the volunteers continue to come and we are expecting God to show up and show out and for many folks to be able to finally come home
Until next time . . . be a blessing and be blessed! Susan and Monty

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