Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello, God Calling!

Yes, God called. He actually called us a long time ago but has placed a most recent call.

We will be heading south -- into Webster, Texas to join along side the Vineyard Church disaster relief, Mercy Response. This is where Diane has been for the past couple of weeks, helping them set up camp, literally. We pray she extends her stay for one more week than her original schedule so we will be able to see each other again.

Our plan is to hit the road on Monday, October 20th. We have a distance of nearly 1200 miles to travel and will need about 2 1/2 days to arrive. Having your prayers covering us during each of those miles is priceless.

Monty is already working on trucks and preparing to ready our 5th wheel for the journey.

We will be managing the Mercy Response camp. This camp will not only house volunteers it will also serve 3 meals per day to them, provide small laundry facilities and the tools needed to start the home mudding and gutting process.

Webster is about 30 minutes north of Galveston where there are between 50,000 and 60,000 homes needing gutted --- yes, you read the numbers correctly!

We are excited about the opportunity to continue in the calling God has placed on our lives. And at the same time we will be leaving Columbus, Indiana with heavy hearts. It's been an amazing summer being here, gaining many, many more family members and reconnecting with my immediate family. Telling my mother last night was one of the toughest parts of preparing to leave! I know she understands but . . .

Bartholomew County Long Term Recovery Team has been an incredible organization and we are blessed to have played a small part in this rebuilding of lives through the rebuilding of homes! They will be fine, no one is irreplacable, we will miss each and every one of them! They will be in our constant prayers and we know we will all meet again someday! God has a way of bringing everything full circle!

We want to thank all of you who have supported us financially over these past years of adventure and ministry. YOU have made it possible for us to continue. Making this change of location will be more than costly (financially) and we are reaching out to everyone for further support. We all see the costs of diesel fuel and gasoline going higher and higher and anyone can do the math to figure what it will cost us. If you would like to help support us in this ministry you can send your tax deductible donations to us through our sending agency at the following:
International Gospel Outreach (IGO)
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL 36575
The good ole' IRS requires you to attach a separate notation with our names on it.
We are deeply grateful to everyone who donates -- it's done a dollar at a time and they all add up to lives being changed!
Growing up in a farming family I realize we are fast approaching harvest season. Monty and I are also in harvest season -- the harvest of the lost, the broken, the hurting, the ones reaching out for someone, anyone, to come along side them and show them God's love in a practical way! The old hymn says how "the harvest is ready, the workers are few."

How about forming a team of volunteers and heading out to help! Here in Columbus they are still needed. Down in Texas they are needed. Iowa still needs help. Ohio still has devastation of their own, so does Missouri ---- the opportunities are everywhere!!!! You can't be everywhere but you can be somewhere -- helping -- serving -- answering the call to harvest!!

Blessings to all of you. Thank you Columbus --- We're on our way Texas!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

We'll certainly miss you! Thanks so much for all you've done for Columbus!
Love, Allison