Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Testing, testing . . .

We're once again in a time of testing . . . testing of patience . . . testing of decisions . . . just testing from every angle, from every direction.

You would think we would be used to it. It always !!!! happens when we get ready to relocate. No matter how much time we give ourselves to prepare . . . the testing comes!

Yesterday one of the case managers decided she needed to hand off her cases to someone else. She has done an amazing job and has such a heart for helping people that it broke my heart but I do understand.

After dinner we went to say goodbye to our TN team. They were leaving early this morning. All were more than exhausted but yet talked of putting together a team and coming south over next spring break!! Book it now --- spring breaks are really popular times! It's always tough to say goodbye to a team, this one was no different. At the same time we also had to bid farewell to Pastor Jerry. He and his church have been incredible over these past 4 months, housing our teams and always making them feel so welcome and at home!! Thanks to everyone at Petersville United Methodist Church!

This morning was our weekly case management meeting and my time to say thank you to all those who have made my job such a blessing! I tried so very hard to not shed tears and almost made it -- just a small "blurp". I only wish they all really knew just how amazing they are!

Monty was off to help my mother with a truck load of food supplies coming into her church. They have a Hot Meals program every Monday night where they feed whoever walks in the door. These food deliveries come once a month and it was great that Monty could take time and help her out. I sure will miss my parents! They have no idea!

After lunch Monty was to pick up our propane tank for the trailer. When he had it filled the other day he thought there was some sort of leak! Not a good thing! The tanks are located outside of the trailer and built with openings in the bottom of the compartments so if there is a leak it will go outside and not inside the trailer. Yes -- there was a leak -- and a problem with one of the connections. He took out the main pipe last night and thought it was going to be okay --- not! When the tank came back today the leak was still there -- along with a couple more!

Understand that when we don't have propane we don't have hot water or heat. You might not think heat is necessary just yet but also understand that trailers are not insulated like homes and it gets cooler inside than it is outside. The heat we can live without because we have a small box electric heater that can do the trick. Not the same with hot water! Taking a cold shower is just plain "not nice" and honestly quite painful!

Since Monty had an appointment for a check up with his cardiologist in Bloomington we headed home mid afternoon. That will take care of the no heat and no hot water until we get back tomorrow morning and he can work on the whole thing! Remember the testing . . . ??

Good thing we have that assurance, that calling, that inner joy that isn't based upon circumstances, the joy that comes from knowing God's promise for us, the promise of a future, the promise that no matter what we are going through, He's always there.

His calling is clear. We just have to trust in that calling and those promises! Your prayers are appreciated.

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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