Friday, October 17, 2008

Final Goodbyes are tough

Our morning started with bidding farewell to Pastor A at the church office. It's been such a blessing to be a part of this church for the past 4 months and we assured him that anytime we are back in Columbus visiting family he will find us sitting in church!

From there we headed back to the United Way to pick up a manual the case managers had put together for me -- every single form we used is in this book! I didn't even realize there were so many! We said goodbye amidst tears but also realizing that these nurses want to put together a team and come south to work with us. I am so hoping they do just that as they need to experience the other side of disaster relief! I am certain Melanie and her husband will be coming down --- I watched this relief effort make a change in her life that reminded me of the one that was made in mine!

After both of those goodbyes we headed to lunch to meet my Aunt Miriam. We have been so blessed to eat lunch with her nearly every day over the past months. It's the little family owned places that keep us going when we relocate and Aunt Miriam and Uncle Dean let us in on this one, Kramers. The three of us have had quite a few laughs over lunch and we will miss her so very much! It was an added blessing to become even closer to my favorite aunt!

It was then off to say goodbye to my 95 year old grandmother!!!! She has contracted a couple of infections over the past couple of days but was in the dining room having lunch and quickly finished so we could visit for a few minutes. She is as sharp as a tack but has difficulty seeing and hearing in one ear. Monty took the time, as always, to kneel down and pray with and for her. She admits that she is tired and "ready to go." We prayed for both healing and peace, peace being the most important. She then spent the rest of the afternoon with my mother, visiting and cherishing every minute. Oh how I will miss them both --- my heart just can't go there!! I thank God for the family connection I have had over these past 4 months. I cannot put into words what it has done for my heart and soul!

By late afternoon we were on the road to home. Monty has a class reunion weekend that we have had planned for nearly 3 months. We also made it home in time to vote on the early ballots since we will be out of state on election day. We stopped by the reunion to get registered and get our schedule of events. We already saw the wife of the founder of the school, both of which are still there and directing it. They have been such a blessing to so many children over the years and are still going. God bless them!

We now have the camper trailer hooked to Monty's truck and ready to leave the parking lot of the church on Monday morning. Just a couple more checks of everything and we will be heading south on interstate 65 once again. Please pray for our safe travel. The distance is nearly 1200 miles and when pulling a load of 12,000 pounds behind you it can be a bit nerve racking.

Thanks to all of you who regularly keep us in your prayers. THOSE are our life lines --- more than you can possibly know.

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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