Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here we are

Hopefully these will give you some indication as to how we are set up here in the great BIG state of Texas.
The Vineyard Church itself is the one warehouse. There are 4 of the warehouses in this complex. One on each side and 2 in back which create a sort of square. Our location is in the back in front of one of them. It is that one that we will be building into the relief camp, complete with showers, bathrooms and bed areas. The city just turned on the electric for us yesterday so now the plans can move forward.
It's quite a nice location, just next door to the city park which is always busy! I've never seen so many basketball games and birthday parties and cookouts as over the past couple of days! With weather like this it's no wonder!
Today we took a drive to the coast area to the immediate west and a bit north of here. The damage is unbelievable! There was one area where ships were kept and they are literally mashed together making them unrecognizable. There was no way to photograph them but I will have some of the other shots on tomorrow's blog.
What amazed us is that the ONLY relief effort we saw anywhere !!!!! was CORE, Christians Organized in Relief Effort! They had a huge camp set up in MS after Katrina and it was nice to stop and visit with them for awhile to get the feel of things here. They are also astonished at the lack of help and the large areas that need help!
Tomorrow after church we will be heading into another of the areas where we hear there is no help.
We are trying to get a better "feel" as to where the help is needed the most. Galveston is nearly demolished in areas and yes, needs help. But are there other more remote areas where no one is going in? That's what we intend to find out over the next days.
I am also sad to report that once again we had to call 911 around 2am last night. It seems the same gentleman who tried to get into our trailer the night before was back in the park and screaming like I have not heard before! The screams woke me from a sound sleep and we could see him wandering around the center area of the park. The police returned once again, said they knew the man and that he wasn't dangerous. He told them he was "practicing to be a ninja??" He did quiet down after they left and come 8am this morning he walked back past our trailer, across the parking lot and to who knows where. By the time we returned home this afternoon, guess what --- he's back at the park! We realize he has some serious issues and needs help! We also realize the extra importance of locking our door! :)
We are looking forward to our first church service here tomorrow. It's always exciting to enter into a new church congregation and get to know folks. And considering our "path" this past week it will feel really good to worship and thank God for all our blessings! We hope you will be doing the same!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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