Sunday, October 19, 2008


One of our favorite photos taken at the Good Sam Club Rally a couple of weeks ago. The truck in the background was the envy of many attending! And it was still on the showroom on the last day also -- not sold yet!

It's another very late night where I should have been asleep hours ago but my mind is racing and this is the best form of "therapy" for me. Let's hope it works this time.

We have been under extreme heat warnings for the past couple of days and it has reminded me of the good ole' Texas weather. All we need is for the thermometer to be just a bit higher and we would be there!

Today I did not go out and continue my deck priming and painting. We had an appointment to visit a local church and thought it might be nice to stay "clean" for a full day! I admit that being able to take a shower anytime we like is nice but every once in awhile it's just nice to stay clean the entire day!

Our appointment with a local Methodist church was great. We met the Pastor and his wife and were thrilled to learn they are already reading the blog and so had a clear idea of our ministry before we even walked in the door. A dear friend of Monty's mother attends this church and brought about the meeting. They are going to check their calendar and see if they can schedule us to speak to the entire church sometime soon -- atleast before the next storm comes in and we are back out on the road.

From there we returned home where I started working on photos to show to our home church Sunday school kids this Sunday. An email also came in saying that they have opened up our lesson to not only the grade school age kids but also the junior and senior high! It's always an honor to be able to talk with others and kids are alot of fun. We have quite a few photos that will hopefully help them understand a bit more about disaster missions. Opening the floor for their questions is also something we do. It allows them to ask whatever is on their minds and hopefully is also alot of fun for them. Keep us in your prayers!

While I was working on that Monty was next door visiting with our neighbor lady. She lives alone and has a yard full of trees and shrubs and years worth of leaves that all need cleaned and trimmed along with gutters that are over flowing. Being the great husband that he is -- he volunteered our services to come and clean things up for her. Our friends that came for dinner the other night, Amy and Rodney, also volunteered to come and help and bring a couple of their friends. We set this Saturday as the day of helping. Monty said she is already so excited and at a loss as to how to say thank you. It will be great for Amy and Rodney as they are young and want to do some sort of mission work in the near future. May as well get their feet wet now and this is a great project! The entire neighborhood will benefit from this one!

The rest of our evening was spent with discussing truck "issues." With 2 of them needing major work we are trying to weigh our options and see which is the best route to take. Finances are always at the front of our decisions and with donations down . . . we turn it over to God as He always provides just in time. Times are tough for nearly everyone and I guess since we are "off" the field for a rest some feel that donations aren't needed?! That guess is very wrong as we are preparing for the next venture but . . .

And like I said, with all the goings on of the past days and especially today I find myself unable to shut off my brain in order to sleep. I know there is a switch somewhere . . .

Until next time . . . "rest in the Lord." Susan and Monty

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