Friday, October 24, 2008

4 days travel, 1 night "orientation"

Yes, we finally arrived in south Texas! Thank the Lord!

Our trip started Monday around 1pm after saying goodbye to family. I don't like goodbyes at all!

We were on the road a whole 45 minutes before hearing that shot gun sound, once again! Another blown tire on the camper, other side but still damaged! I look up to see part of the trailer dragging the interstate as Monty hobbles along to the next exit -- a rest stop. We make a connection with an RV service company only 6 miles down the road. From there they are able to make the repairs but let us know that we are carrying the incorrect weight ratio tires on the trailer! They have connections with a tire company another 6 miles down the road, they make the call but the tires cannot arrive there until the following morning. Since it is now evening we make the decision to stop for the night and wait for the tires to arrive the next morning. With another 1100 miles to travel we do not want to repeat this senario! And to be honest, both of our nerves were a bit on the frazzled side!

The next morning we are off and running with a new set of tires, thanks to the discount they gave us when we told them where we were headed! God's hand once again.

We traveled all of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. Early Wednesday we realized we would not make it into Texas that day as originally planned. After looking for a place to stop for a couple of hours we were in for the night and preparing for our 4th day on the road!

Thursday morning we were up and out and finally arrived, no more incidents, around 3pm yesterday!!!! I cannot tell you how glad I was to be out of that truck and walking around for more than a pit stops amount of time! Not to mention the dogs!!! They had become quite accustomed to the passenger seat!

When we arrived we were told that the power for our trailer wasn't hooked up yet so we made plan B and used one of the generators on site. Since the weather here wasn't to get below 50 at night we knew we would be fine. We had a full charge on the trailer battery and it proved to be sufficient for the night.

After a nice dinner with the outgoing Omaha, Nebraska team and some last minute putting the details of the trailer together we were more than exhausted. The first problem -- shutting off everything going on in my head. Somehow the night seems to put it all into an even higher gear!

I could not sleep so I got up and sat in the chair for awhile. Around 12:45am I hear someone grab ahold of the trailer door --- trying to open it! Shock!!!!!!! After trying unsuccessfully once the person tried again, this time really tugging on the handle! At this point I realized I must get Monty up and call 911 at the same time! I also hear the person rattling things around in one of our trucks. Too bad he didn't try to open the door on mine as it would have set off the panic alarm!

Monty jumps up, opens the door and confronts the man dressed all in black with a backpack on his back and a hood over his head. He asks him what he's doing and that he should "stick around as the police are on their way." The man didn't seem too worried and just strolled down the driveway beside the building! Monty continued to call out to him to wait and then decided to hop in the truck and see where he went. About this time the police showed up and went through and around the buildings repeatedly trying to locate him. They were not able to find him and think he hopped into an awaiting vehicle!

After spending over 30 minutes looking for him they returned to our trailer where we could fill them in on the whole story and also let them know who we were and why we were here and that we would be living here for quite some time! They were such amazing, caring men and told us they would put our area on their nightly patrols to be certain we were safe!

Now I was supposed to try and sleep again?? You've got to be kidding! It was up and in the chair for most of the rest of the night for me!

Early this morning we were up to bid farewell to the Omaha team. We sat and visited and went over their paperwork from the week so I can get all the info back to Diane when she also returns Monday. This team was here to cut trees and that is exactly what they did all week!! What an amazing job they did!

The rest of the day was spent with Phil from Mercy Response and Pastor Nathan touring the damaged area of Galveston! My oh my! Ships still piled in the interstate keeping one lane closed -- mess after mess after mess! Tomorrow Monty and I will head out on our own to do some networking and see what needs are there and how we can best fill them.

One thing I did realize --- we have seen this type of disaster before and can now fully see past it! We know the results, we know what needs to be done, it's just fitting all the puzzle pieces together to bring about those results. The usual questions are still there; where will the funding come from, will the volunteers come, where are we best suited - in what exact area? We have taken the step of faith knowing God already has the answers and already has the plan. All we need to do is be obedient and take the steps!!!! Please continue to pray for us!

As you can see, it's been quite the week! The start of another chapter in our lives. We thank all of you who have come along with us so far. For those of you who are new -- hang on as we are about to go on another ride of amazing blessings and you won't want to miss a single one!

Until next time . . . may our night be quite and our sleep restful!!! Susan and Monty

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