Monday, October 27, 2008

Across the miles

This is only a taste -- a bite -- the smallest portion of what things really look like! Looks like Katrina? You bet, same thing, different location!
We spent most of today touring areas, trying to find some information, searching the Disaster Relief Centers for some kind of info, trying the Visitors Centers only to find them closed, gutted out themselves. We checked the newest shelter that opened just today, filled with only the homeless and transients that were that way before the storm. We looked for churches with other relief efforts and found nothing! The agencies just aren't here like they were with Katrina. "Volunteer Fatigue" is the term being used -- means nothing to those who are hurting and have lost so much! I think they have a different description for "fatigue."
Our blessing among the ruins --- Diane returned a day early --- once again surprised us! I just don't know when she will show up anymore!!! It sure is a blessing to be working together again! She does need a bit of prayer as she came back feeling rather sickly. Please pray that her health and strength will return miraculously!
We are awaiting the arrival of our Missouri team, should be here anytime now, just in time for dinner. Remember that 3 meals a day are provided for the teams who come to work. A hot breakfast is cooked each morning, a lunch prepared and sent out with each team member and a hot dinner also prepared fresh! What more could a person ask for? What a blessing these women of the Vineyard have been to provide such a thing! We are deeply thankful to them for all they are doing, and will continue to do!
Life for the both of us has calmed a bit more with the arrest of our "friend" who decided to stop by our trailer and "sit a spell" while I was out for a walk and Monty was helping the plumbers inside the church on Saturday. Once again a 911 call was made and this time he was taken away and won't be returning! Please pray for him also -- he has some real issues and needs prayer!
Thanks to all of you who continue watching out for us, praying for us and supporting us! May God return those blessings back to you a hundred fold!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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