Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missouri works through the sickness

It used to be a home and there used to be piers out over the water -- "used" to be! Water and wind took care of wiping out both!

Our team from Missouri continued gutting homes, their 4th day. The Pastor of the team has been battling allergies and a nasty cold all week. I thought he just might stay back and rest today --- not! He kept pushing, kept going and did an amazing job! After our evening meal he was wiped out and is down for the count!

Speaking of meals -- this church provides 3 full meals per day for the teams, and for us. The breakfasts are cooked, hot meals. Lunches are packed and sent out with the teams. Dinners are also cooked, hot meals! I don't think they have any idea just how priceless these meals are! For all of us! Many thanks to all of them who are involved and to Amy who coordinates the entire thing!

Monty spent his day in the warehouse/new housing building. He is taking down alot of steel framing and will rework the building to house the volunteers and house the tools. The city of Webster is working with us to assist in getting the camp all put together. We only have a couple of weeks and pray it will all come together.

Diane and I were working on paperwork, case management and you name it. The afternoon was spent checking on the team and looking at the homes and church that will be worked in on Saturday. So much behind the scenes planning to pull it all together!

Tomorrow she will be flying to New Orleans to help finish the last 2 homes that relief camp is doing following Katrina. I will run her to the airport and we will be driving over on Sunday for a couple of days to load up a trailer and bring it back here. Again --- so much behind the scenes to get and keep things going!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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