Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thanks, Attica!

Sorry there was no blog entry last night -- sometimes Blogger gets the hic-ups or something and it's just not possible!!

Yesterday started with morning devotions with the Attica team and off they went for their final day of working with tape and mud in Ms Lee's house. As you can see by the photo on the right some of them got quite creative when it came to mudding the ceilings!!! Necessity is the mother of invention but I just don't think he should pursue a patten on these!

From there we headed off to a "town hall" meeting to address some of the flood damage issues in one of the local mobile home parks. The residents in this park and almost all Spanish speaking but we had interpreters and the meeting went very well. We have a plan to take in materials they need, underneath insulation, vapor barrier and subflooring but wanted to allow them to step in and do the work. We had over 20 residents ready to step up and help themselves and their neighbors!!! THAT is a successful meeting!

By the time we were finished the team was enjoying another bountiful lunch from my mother's church. With the large amounts of food it's a wonder they are able to get up from their seated positions! Thanks, Mom!

When we did check in on them in the afternoon they were still mastering the art of finishing sheetrock -- and had become quite good at it. John, the lead construction manager on Ms Lee's job (he lives here locally) is an amazing teacher and these 5 men were amazing students. Now I doubt any of them went home and decided to make it their career but if they go on another mission trip they know how to finish sheetrock!!

We bid farewell to them there at the job before they left to clean up the church housing them and themselves. As always, it's so tough to say goodbye but these men want to make another trip to Texas to work with us there! Go Team!

This morning Columbus First Assembly kicked off their missions week with an awesome message from Pastor A. He concentrated on the verses in Matthew 28 where we are all "commanded" to "go" and make disciples --- the "go" part surely hit home with Monty and I. We only have one more Sunday at this church and then our last one will be back with our home church, Vineyard, in Bloomington before we head south. Saying goodbye will be made twice as difficult having to do it twice -- but -- we now have added sooooo many names to our book of family members!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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