Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From strangers to family

The propane leaks are fixed, Monty took the entire system apart and redid it -- perfectionism at its finest! And just in time as the temps are forecast to drop dramatically during the night tonight. We knew the 80's at this time of year weren't going to last long!

I was blessed to have lunch with one of my long time, childhood best friends, Denise. Even though we have been right here in the same town all summer we both are more than busy. She is the executive director of the Montessori school and me . . . Today we made the time and as always, wished we had made the time long ago and more often. It was so nice to sit and visit, to remember, to laugh and to cry. One of God's special blessings.

Our neighbor, Shelley, returned to volunteer her time again. She was busy calling the listing we received from the center who has been taking hot meals into the flooded communities since the flood. She was checking to see who still needed them and who was now okay on their own. These calls also allow us to check on the families and see how they are doing, do they have a case manager to help them and just a general "we care" phone call. It kept her busy all day and she will be returning again tomorrow. Thanks Shelley!! Love ya!

Late this afternoon the Long Term Recovery had planned a going away party for both of us. They had pizza and a beautifully decorated cake. Some of the nurses who were case managers and have returned to work came back to say goodbye. They had put together a scrap book of photos as a gift for us -- looking through and seeing each face, each smile, brought tears, smiles and a heartful of love. I remember coming into the building, into the room and seeing nothing but strangers. Over the past 4 months each one has become family!!! A tight knit, loving, caring and supporting family! There are no words to thank each of them. We just pray they will keep in touch with us and continue to do the amazing work they are doing to rebuild this community, their home and our second home!

We love you all and will take a piece of each of you with us. How awesome it would be to see you come to us in Texas??!!

Thanks for the love and thanks for being our family, not only while we have been here--- but always!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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