Monday, September 29, 2008

What day is it?

Is it really Monday or was there more than one day in today? So many directions -- all leading to the same destination -- helping the people!

First of all, many thanks to Jenny for the thoughtful comment! If you only knew how much those comments warm my heart!

We were blessed to get a couple of days at home over the weekend. It was quite late when we arrived but getting just one day means the world. It felt good to be in our home church to worship yesterday.

The rest of yesterday was a bit challenging! If you know us you know we have 2 dogs who travel everywhere with us --they actually share "their" home with us! One of those dogs is a Chinese Crested Hairless -- yes, he only has hair on the top of his head, face and tips of feet and tail. So you can imagine my shock when I found about a dozen fleas taking up residence on the top of his head yesterday!! I don't know how they all found room! I flew to Walmart to pick up flea shampoo and the drops that I usually put between their shoulders each month (I realized I skipped a month -- bad, bad!)

Less than 10 minutes after getting him all treated he started having a reaction unlike I had ever seen --- he acted like he was on speed -- running through the house with no destination -- jumping from furniture to furniture at a pace that made the energizer bunny look like a turtle! He was drooling so much he looked like a saint bernard! I had no idea what to do but call a vet ---yes on a Sunday after 5pm --big mistake! Not one single vet would help with any advice but bring him to Indianapolis where they could hook him up to an IV, keep him through the night and all day today! I just wanted to know if he would be okay and this would work it's way through his system?? After a total of 4 more baths, no answers from the vet, good advice from the pharmacist at Walmart and a good dose of Benedryl he calmed down.

We all survived the trip back to Columbus only to see our other dog show signs of reacting!! Not nearly the same reaction but none the less she also got a dose of meds. The reactions have calmed some throughout today but still a bit of itching going on.

My lesson ---- don't forget the monthly drops!!!!!! Ever!!!!!! What a day!!!!!

Today started with a bang, meeting after meeting, decision after decision -- all moving forward with the recovery. We will be conducting a phone interview with our existing clients to try and get a firmer idea of what still remains to be done in their recovery. Our executive director is preparing to apply for a grant and numbers are critical, nearly impossible to pin down but critical. He's almost there.

I also heard from Diane and they are starting the construction of the relief camp in Webster, Texas. The Mercy Response team from New Orleans came over to help this week since they didn't have volunteers at their location. Still serving over 3 years later!

Tomorrow is our weekly case management meeting and there is much on the agenda. The nurses from the hospital are slowing being called back to work with the scheduled opening at the end of October. Their cases are being handed off to the other, non hospital personnel, and all is going smoothly. Each one that returns to work is missed terribly but we all know life goes on and they need to return to running the local hospital!

Thanks for all the prayers of support -- keep them going!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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