Friday, October 03, 2008

Attica, Indiana works double shift

They may have been nearly an hour and a half late, they may have gotten lost more than a couple of times, they may have not had any hot water for a shower last night . . . BUT they worked overtime today!
Attica, Indiana arrived around 10:30 last night. Somehow they had more than one mix up with directions (and they have been here before ) :) but they made it, got settled, had a snack and were here nearly 20 minutes for morning devotions this morning!!!
They spent their day working at Ms Lee's house. John was there ready and waiting for some helping hands. John taught those who weren't so skilled the art of taping and mudding sheetrock. All seemed to get the hang of it and were mudding away all day. They did stop long enough to enjoy one of my mothers amazing lunches! And with a day of sunshine and temps in the high 60's it was a perfect day!
After working all day we pushed them a bit farther. Pastor A had planned an outreach to one of our neighboring churches who had also been flooded and lost everything. It's only a couple of blocks from here and they are struggling to get the building rebuilt. After a couple of visits Pastor A challenged his church to put together a team to come along side of them and help in any way possible.
That outreach started at 5:30 this evening. Attica was here and ready to go! Our meal was provided by another of the outreaches here, Eastside Community Center, who is still taking hot meals into the effected areas of flooding. We were quite pleased to have a meal waiting for us. After the meal it was back to work.
Pastor A took a team outside the building and was working with cleaning and landscaping. As they were working a couple of Jehovah's Witness boys came walking by and asked if they could do anything to help. Pastor welcomed them aboard but told them they might get their white shirts dirty, made no difference to them, they jumped in and were still working (and sweating) when I left a few minutes ago! I think it's one of those "one body" things we are always talking about --- awesome!
While at the church the team hung wall insulation, helped pull ceiling tiles, gutted a furnace room and anything else needed. I have a feeling those cots with air mattresses will feel really good tonight!!!
Monty spent most of his day working along side the team and I was busy in the office area. This morning I had a couple of up and coming book authors come and do an interview with me. One is one of the case managers and he has partnered up with someone else in hopes of writing a book about the local flood disaster. I think it's a wonderful idea and only hope I was able to give them a few good points.
I then received an email from a county 2 counties away from here asking if I could come and make a visit to them and offer some advice on getting their long term recovery case management up and running. Of course, I'd be honored to share so sometime next week I'll do a bit of traveling.
In the meantime we continue to do little things to get ready to head into Texas. I think the dogs already suspect something is going on -- amazing how they pick up on things and realize that when things start being moved around we must be about to go "somewhere."
Tomorrow will be another work day for us and for the team. We are so blessed to have them here, lending a hand wherever needed and being such an amazing blessing to Ms Lee and everyone they meet.
For their families at home --- thank you for sharing your men with us!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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