Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vineyard plus Tennessee

Last night we welcomed our newest team from Clarksville, TN. They will be with us over the weekend, working the picnic tomorrow, back in Jim's house on Monday and leaving for home Tuesday.
Today we welcomed our hometown Vineyard team back once again! We took both teams, combined them, divided them in two teams and off to work they went.
The first part of just the TN team went to Vicky's house where they joined her in painting. We were in this house months ago finishing the gutting. My oh my what a difference a couple of months has made! She was having kitchen cabinets installed today and so excited at the progress. The team jumped in, worked right along side Vicky and really made some progress!
The rest of the team combined with Rob and the Vineyard crew and went to work in Jim's house. There have been other teams from the long term recovery in his house and they had all the sheetrock hung and had just started the taping and mudding process. With Rob at the helm they had a couple of the boys outside tackling the yard, and tackle they did! Even the neighbors stopped to say thank you! The resident squirrel wasn't too happy with them as they were cleaning up his walnuts and he let them know with chattering noises that he would be much happier if they would leave things alone!
The rest of the team worked away with tape and mud. The girls learned the technique and Frank and Joshua were busy trying to work themselves out of one closet after another! They all did a fantastic job and the entire place looks different.
What an amazing blessing to both homeowners!
And once again my mother showed up with the largest lunch sacks ever seen -- a feast enjoyed by each one, Vicky included! Thanks Mom!!!
By this evening each team member looked a bit tired. TN will join us for service tomorrow morning and then head out to the picnic. We were extra blessed to learn Amanda speaks Spanish --- we have just the place for her tomorrow!
We want to thank each of you who have emailed your prayers and love for our upcoming move into Texas. You're the best!
With one week and counting each day is more precious than the one before, and the time ticks away even faster than usual! We sure do appreciate your extra prayers!
Many thanks to our Vineyard team for the constant dedication to coming and helping us over these past months. Rob has even promised to continue coming -- even after we are gone. He wants to finish Sandra's house and she is content to wait on him! What a servant's heart --- and what an amazing friend -- family!!!!
Until next time . . . please don't forget to continue keeping Diane in your prayers also as she continues working in Texas. Her blog is a link to this blog --- log on and see what she's been up to!
Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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