Monday, September 22, 2008

Diane heads south

Most of you already know Diane -- and you also can imagine just how much I have missed this past year! She has such a heart for ministry and is once again following that heart and call from God. Her home may be way up north in Wisconsin but she and her trusty van are headed to Texas as I write this! She will connect with an AG Pastor in the city of Houston and assist Convoy of Hope with their immediate needs outreach. They are shipping truck loads of supplies into the area and she is headed in to help. Please keep her in your prayers for not only safe travel there but for safety while she is there! Girl Power at its finest!!!!
Seems this evenings blog is filled with prayer requests -- it's been one of those kind of days.
First -- Monty's stepfather, Tony, went in for what was to be rather simple surgery (if there is such a thing?) today. He had a growth on his back and they were going to remove it -- but when they got in there the growth had wrapped itself around his spinal column and was alot more extensive than they had planned. The surgery took quite a bit longer than expected but he is out and hopefully on his way home! Yes, I don't think they keep anyone overnight anymore! Please keep him in your prayers for healing and strength.
Remember a couple of weeks ago I asked for prayers for the sister of our Volunteer Action Center? Angie's sister had a double mastectomy last week and Angie is now in Baton Rouge with her and her mother. The surgery went well (as well as that kind of surgery can go) and her sister is resting at home. We also pray for healing and strength, for the entire family! We miss you Angie but also know you are exactly where you need to be! We'll be fine until you get back -- don't worry.
Today was the first official day of fall -- around this part of the nation that means leaves changing to all the wonderful colors. It also means the temperatures start dropping at night and it can get quite cool. We are desperately trying to get as many homes repaired as quickly as possible. We have many who are living in mobile homes where the water got up underneath and are in need of new insulation, vapor barriers and skirting. We are working against the clock on these and even though the Quaker volunteers are here this week we just don't have the manpower to get things done in the time frame we are given on the calendars! It was calculated that for every trailer that needs the above listed work we need 10 volunteers to work all day to complete one trailer!! One trailer park alone has 76 trailers -- only one park of many!!! Do the math and you see what we are up against! I would ask for prayers that God would send the volunteers and that He would keep the temps in the above normal category for as long as possible to allow us the time frame to get the jobs done! When I think of the small children playing on these cold, carpetless floors it hurts my heart!!
We thank you for all the prayers you send up for all of our requests. Prayer is the most powerful thing in heaven and on earth!! Aren't we glad it's so easy to do?!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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