Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Flag

What an amazing, emotional day!!!!
You can see from the photos at the top that we had a wonderful ceremony this afternoon. You remember the story of our church neighbor, Bruce and his mother, Molean, who narrowly escaped during the flood (if not, look back in the archives and be sure to read). Molean told her case manager, Karen, that the most prized possession she lost during the flood was the flag presented to her upon the death of her husband who had served in WWII. Karen picked up on that statement and literally ran with it.
Today the surprise presentation was done! The veteran's administration provided two wonderful gentlemen who came and did the official presentation of the flag, complete with the folding process and a final salute to Ms Molean! Bruce did a wonderful job of keeping this a secret and she was truly surprised -- and loved every minute. You can also see that we had a huge crowd of people, case managers, Pastors, Project Aftermath staff and the like. We covered their front yard. Karen also learned that last week was Molean's birthday so she got a birthday cake and we all had a party while there. It was such an amazing afternoon and brought such joy not only to Molean and Bruce but to every single person who was there to share in it all. It's things like this -- loosing the priceless and gaining even more in return! Isn't God awesome in how He does that!
You can also see that our Ohio team is working wonders in Ms Lee's house. They had 2 complete rooms hung by this morning -- and this house is quite spacious so 2 rooms is alot! They thoroughly enjoyed their lunch delivered to them once again and commented at how much easier and more enjoyable it makes lunch time. Thanks again Mom!
They will be returning to continue working tomorrow. Two of the crew will be heading back to Ohio but 3 more will be arriving. One of those arriving is Pastor A's brother! We look forward to meeting them and working with them.
Ms Lee's Pastor was kind enough to take us all to dinner this evening where we could spend time getting to know each other better along with enjoying a fantastic meal. I imagine everyone will sleep quite well on their full tummys tonight!
As I said, a wonderful day packed with blessings -- enough to go around to everyone. Standing there watching the men with the flag presentation made me think of how richly blessed we all are to be living in this country! Where else would we all gather, people from all walks of life, all religions, all races, all denominations, just to bless another who has suffered loss!? And then the miraculous part --- those blessings get poured back onto those who came to bless!!!
It's a God - thing!
Don't you wish you would've been here to share in it all?!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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