Saturday, September 13, 2008

Church Work Day

This day held a little bit of everything and alot of heat and humidity!
It was work day at church, all in preparation for our special Sunday service in the morning. You can see from the photos we were doing everything from trimming shrubs to pulling out those damaged from the flood to washing tarps and materials. Pastor was out digging the shrubs before hooking a rope to them and pulling them out with that truck. Everyone was working, even the little bitty guy you see in the one photo. We got alot of work done and things do look much better.
Our Ohio team was finally all here. Part of them went on to Ms Lee's house first thing. Another part of them stayed here at the church and took out the old baptistry -- not an easy job! Monty is standing in front of what is left -- see all that stone? They did a great job and then headed out to Ms Lee's to join the others. They have made amazing progress and it should be nearly ready for out incoming Florida team to start finishing.
Rob and Rich from our home Vineyard church also returned to continue working in Ms Sandra's house. They also completed the sheetrock and left it ready for finishing.
Can you guess what the Florida team might be doing?
Once again my mother was running around delivering lunches to everyone. She also had another team from their own church so I don't even know what the total was but she got them all delivered somehow! The Lima, Ohio had a really nice card of thanks for her too!
I had a couple of words in my title yesterday and didn't follow up with the story behind the words -- sometimes my mind goes alot faster than my fingers and then both skip a beat! Anyway, one of the case managers, Eric, discovered a very hidden talent in one of his clients. Seems his client had been mowing lawns for a living but when Eric made his home visit he discovered drawings that this gentleman had been doing. He quickly realized how talented this gentleman was and with a connection at Ivy Tech College and Nashville for possibly a showing he turned this man's life in a whole new direction! I've said it before and will continue to say how excellent these case managers are! They all go above and beyond and even discover hidden talents and know how to direct them toward a wonderful future!! Good job Eric!
We do hope all of you are praying for all those devastated by hurricane Ike in Texas. We understand what they are going through and will see what the future holds . . . Please pray for them while you are worshiping tomorrow morning.
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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