Monday, September 01, 2008

Prayers Answered

Yes, many thanks to everyone who prayed for hurricane Gustav to weaken! The winds and the seas obey!

After more phone calls yesterday and today we now know all our MS families are safe and sound and dry and unharmed! Ms Faye asked me to specifically thank all who have been praying for her and all other families. She also asked me to tell you how much she loves you and she means it!

We stayed glued to internet and phones most of today and are so pleased that the levees held, no major damage or flooding has occurred and all are safe.

Tomorrow is business as usual. We have a couple of meetings and although it will seem like a Monday it will be Tuesday. We will be finalizing our plans for our Lima, Ohio who will arrive a week from today! They will be working in 2 homes and are putting together their final plans. We are especially happy to have them coming as Pastor Mark from Ohio is Pastor Don's brother and they will be here next Sunday for the very first worship service in the newly repaired and remodeled sanctuary!!!!

Speaking of the sanctuary -- we were in there this evening and it's looking beautiful! Pastor is back in his office and getting things arranged. The secretaries are in theirs along with Pastor Joel, the youth pastor. The carpeting on the stage in the sanctuary did get done and so did the entry. This coming Sunday will be quite exciting.

Once again, thanks to everyone for praying! The entire Gulf Coast thanks you!

Another note, Diane's mother is "holding her own" up in Wisconsin. She could use some of those special prayers also!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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