Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Monty

Day 2 with Orlando and they are working flawlesly! They are still working in both homes and will be doing so all week. They have this goal of finishing the sheetrock in both -- let's see how they do. So far everything they are doing is of superb quality -- and it IS about quality and not quantity!
I started the day with our weekly case management meeting. The discussions are wonderful and everyone bonds into a close knit family more and more each day. And when it comes to getting things done--get back as they are unstoppable!
Monty had the devotions with the team this morning and shared his testimony with them. From what I heard you could've heard a pin drop and everyone was mesmorized. All of us have a testimony and sharing it brings life to others, and ourselves.
By mid morning he came and picked me up and was surprised by the case managers with a birthday card and gift. They had gotten him a toy set of tools -- brought a smile to his face and warmth to his heart! Remember what I said about being family??!!
We then headed to my mother's house where she was hosting a luncheon for the Red Hat ladies. What a hoot it is to see them come in with those purple outfits and red hats that are amazing to behold! We had agreed to help Mom serve and had alot of fun doing so. I am amazed that even though my Mom is 75 years "young" she continues to do these things and loves doing so. (Sorry, Mom, for giving away your age but I do so with admiration!!) My sister in law joined in helping serve and as we left Mom was giving the ladies a tour of their historic home!
Our afternoon was spent with the team and back answering questions with case management. Before I realized it the clock was past 5 and we had to be ready to attend dinner at 6:30pm. The long term recovery invited a team of men from Jackson, Tennessee to come and share their expertise in disaster recovery. Their city has been through 3 tornadoes in less than 3 years. We will spend the entire morning with them tomorrow and hope to pick their brains and gain some education from their experience.
During the dinner they brought a special dessert for Monty's birthday, complete with singing Happy Birthday!
Our team will return to their 2 homes tomorrow and also branch out into some yard cleanup and work at our retired Pastor's home. The weather is outstanding and they are ready to go and help even more.
Until next time . . . thanks, Florida, for sending us such an incredible team!!!!
Susan and Monty

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