Saturday, September 06, 2008

Trailers and a basement

What a beautiful day -- sun shining with a cooler breeze -- a wonderful day to spend either in a basement or underneath a flooded mobile home????
It made no difference to these two teams -- they came to serve and be a blessing. I only hope the parents of the kids remember that when their kids bring home clothing that has more dirt on it than earth itself!
Our home Vineyard church returned with 7 team members. We split them in two teams, one of which was led by Rob who worked in Sandra's basement. She lost everything in that basement when the flood came. Her back yard IS Hawcreek! Rob and team took her to Lowes to make her purchases and they went to work. There was some structural to be done, wiring to be corrected, vents to be repaired and sheetrock to be hung. They worked all day long and will be returning to finish when they come back next Saturday. Sandra was thrilled and couldn't stop thanking them.
The rest of the team, Keith and the younger boys headed to the trailer park to work with Monty. All Monty's years of working with mobile homes was put to use today. They had to literally crawl underneath the trailers, remove the flooded insulation, replace it with new, add new moisture barrier and then skirt the outside. They were joined by a huge team of students from Kentucky. That team had been divided in four teams and were spread out through the worst areas of the park. Monty had mostly girls on his team and wasn't complaining. Add a couple three boys and everyone is willing to work and have fun!
The top photo shows Monty with his girls! He even gave one of them his toolbelt! They weren't afraid to work, whether that meant crawling through the mud underneath the trailer or using the saw to cut the sheets of skirting. They started this morning around 8am and didn't stop until after 6pm. His team completed a trailer all the way from beginning to end. The homeowner came out and worked with them and was blessed beyond his wildest imagination. The other teams were in various stages of their work and did such fantastic jobs!
Once again my mother supplied lunches for our Vineyard team making the other team a bit envious! She packs a lunch big enough for them to munch on all day! They ALL send their thanks to you, Mom, and so do we!!!
Our team treated us to dinner this evening, a chance for all of us to visit, share our day and thank God for the opportunity to serve, to be His hands and feet! They all want to come back next Saturday and we will be ready for them! So will the homeowners!
Once again, we thank those who come to help, to serve and to do whatever it is that needs done! Working in an environment where everyone has that same servant heart -- no matter what their age -- living the dream!
Please remember to pray for hurricane Ike to calm -- all forcasts have him coming into the Gulf Coast -- and doing so with a vengence!! PRAY hard!
We will be attending service in the newly repaired sanctuary tomorrow morning! How exciting and what a blessing!
Let's all attend our church of choice and praise God for all our blessings, especially the ones we take for granted!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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