Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Meet LeeAnn

On Monday our Lima, Ohio team arrives. LeeAnn's home is one of the ones they will be working in. I thought all of you would like to hear her story.

LeeAnn is a mother of 4. She suffered a stroke 21 days after the birth of her last child. This left her with only functional use in her left side and in a wheelchair.

2 years later, after a father and son deer hunting trip her husband died of a sudden heart attack. At that time she still wasn't able to get in and out of her wheelchair on her own.

With the support of her family and her church, Ogilville Church of Christ, LeeAnn purchased a home in town which gave her access to public transportation. The home itself was not wheelchair friendly but she did the best she could.

Recently her church created a video of LeeAnn, told her story and submitted it to the television show "Extreme Makeover." She was told she was "in the running" for a new home . . . and then the Columbus flood of 2008 struck. Her home was flooded! Life had once again been turned upside down!

LeeAnn connected with Bartholomew County Long Term Recovery, received a case manager and is now preparing for this Ohio team to come in and begin the repairing process. There is no time to wait for the television show. She needs a home NOW, her children need a home NOW -- and that home needs to be handicapped accessible. When we finish with her house it will not only be a home for all of them -- it WILL be handicapped accessible!

Thanks to teams of volunteers like Ohio and upcoming Florida people just like LeeAnn will be able to get closer and closer to moving back home. No television show can top that!

It's a God-thing! It's life changing -- for the homeowners and for the volunteers!

How about praying for LeeAnn and all those in her situation -- and how about coming and helping out!?

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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