Sunday, September 14, 2008

Outgoing Ohio meets incoming Florida

Today was "All Together Sunday" at church. Our Lima, Ohio team stayed for the special service. Immediately after they were homeward bound. It's always sad to see a team go and this one was no different. The good thing is that we know they are coming back as soon as they can! Blessings to all of you -- what a great week it was and we look forward to seeing you again!
Our Orlando, Florida team also arrived just in time for church! The two teams immediately bonded and even sat together at church. Florida was easy to spot as the back of their shirts said "servant team." We look forward to starting a brand new week with them tomorrow. They took the rest of today to get settled in and prepared for the week.
Church was outstanding this morning! There was so much happening and the Spirit was moving throughout the building and the people!
The music celebration was a stage full! A guest pastor and his team came and assisted with the music. I think they must have heard us outside on the streets as they drove by -- it was awesome!
From there we had a guest from the district present Pastor with a plaque for their outstanding missions outreach, even during the devastation they themselves suffered. Another guest from the City also came and presented a certificate pronouncing today as Columbus First Assembly of God day!
Another church came to present a check to help with the flood fund along with the Lima church leaving one for the same thing! The Lima youth also took up a donation and presented that check.
Pastor also acknowledged those responsible for the reconstruction of the sanctuary. The VP of the construction team was at church along with his wife.
My parents also came this morning. It was so great to sit in church with them, to have them experience alot of what has happened and to be able to share it with them!
The guest speaker for the message today was Chad Varga. If you are like me and hadn't even heard his name I beg you to look him up online and see what an amazing man this is! His testimony will bring you to your knees and there won't be enough tissue to dry your tears! He has such a heart for our youth and challenges us all to have the same. He has a couple of books out also. He used to be a professional basketball player and has been able to take the word of God to literally millions of kids. We were blessed to be able to hear his message! He also told all those who are so focused on the disaster and discouraged to get out of themselves and do something for someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the service we were planning for the church picnic. Everyone was wondering if we would even be able to have it -- the remains of hurricane Ike arrived up here today -- complete with winds above 50 mph. The rains stayed north of us but the winds were fierce. We lost a major limb in one of the trees here at the church and there are numerous limbs scattered throughout the city. But the rains did come a bit later in the form of a heavy mist and the temps started dropping -- only after getting the church softball game completed and the meal eaten and the devotion done! You can see from the photos that we had quite a crowd!!
An amazing day --- an amazing Lord --- two amazing teams --- and another week right in front of us! Be sure and stay tuned --- it's a busy one and God is at the wheel!!!!
PS I have an update on Angie's sister -- we had a prayer request for her; she lives in Baton Rouge and will be undergoing a double mastectomy this Wednesday so please include her and her family in your prayers!! God is the master healer and His healing is what we ask for!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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