Monday, September 15, 2008

Orlando in Action

Their shirts say "Serve Team" and that's exactly what they are doing!
Our day began with our usual morning devotions and Monday morning orientation. It was nice to be able to do so in the new sanctuary here. The team had one additional member today, a friend of a team member who drove down from Indianapolis to work with them for the day. We also had team member Susan's sister come and join us for the devotion. She is a member here at Columbus First Assembly. And Pastor A also came in so we had quite a few people up and ready to roll on a Monday morning.
After the devotion Monty took them to their jobs, both of which are in the same subdivision and only a few houses apart. They divided themselves into 2 teams and went to work.
One team is continuing the hanging of sheetrock in Ms Lee's house and it gets closer to being done each hour. The other team returned to Andy's house and are also hanging sheetrock. With both homes being so close together they could check up on each other and make changes if need be. When I checked on them after lunch they were mostly white with sheetrock dust so that means they had been working hard!
They also had a very nice surprise waiting for Pastor Jerry, the Pastor of the church housing them. They donated a very large and very nice grill for the church! This is a smaller country type church who really enjoy family functions; ice cream socials and the like. Pastor was really shocked and really thankful! It's just what this church needed! Quite a nice gift! Pastor emailed me later and wants to plan a cookout with them one night this week. We love to see how the hosting churches get involved with the recovery effort and don't even realize how valuable they are!
They spent their evening in a worship service and then headed back for some much needed rest. They will be up and out early again tomorrow and be even more ready to go since they now feel a bit more comfortable in their jobs.
Please continue to pray for them while they are here and for their families that are back in Florida. And of course continue the prayers for everyone along the coast of Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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