Friday, September 12, 2008

The Artist and the Rain

Before I get too far in this I want you to know you can see the video of the flag presentation to Bruce's mother online. Go to and click on the video for today. If you don't get there until tomorrow (Sat) I'm sure it will still be there. It's awesome! And it made front page of the newspaper today -- quite the article!
Today was a day of much needed rain! We needed it today -- but it's in the forecast for the next 4 days -- the remants of hurricane Ike will make its way here by Sunday and they are saying some pretty heavy stuff. That we don't need!
We need to be praying for everyone along the coast of Texas -- Ike is coming in with the highest tide of the month -- thus the huge surge! May God protect them all and may Ike loose his power -- quickly!
Our Ohio team was full steam ahead today. Two new team members came in last night and the gentleman with the knee swelling was back on the job. They were working in 2 homes today, Lee's and Andy's. Andy just lives around the corner. They are also hanging sheetrock in there. From what I heard there was some pretty powerful ministry going on there today!! Praise the Lord and lay down the hammer!
One of the new team members is Pastor A's brother, who is the associate Pastor of this Ohio team. He is getting to spend some quality time with his brother while here! What a blessing for the both of them!
We were blessed to join all of them in another evening meal this evening. It's just so awesome to share lives and stories with those who come to serve. God sure did make this big old world seem small sometimes!
Tomorrow we will be gathering here at the church and Rob with our home church team will be joining us. Rob will return to Sandra's home, some will return to Andy's and some to Lee's and others will be working here at the church for their work day prior to the big All Together Sunday! A day filled with service and filled with even more blessings.
Remember -- to keep up with all that is happening with the church go to Pastor's blog at . There you can see the new steeple and know exactly how well things are progressing.
Please keep this church in your prayers -- pray that Sunday will see souls saved and our Lord praised for all His blessings.
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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