Thursday, September 18, 2008

A goodbye picnic

The hosting church, Petersville United Methodist, decided to try out the new grill given to them by this Florida team -- and it was awesome!
The church planned an old fashioned pitch in cookout this evening, invited the entire church and everyone had such a good time. New relationships were formed and old ones deepened. The food was incredible and all came to the conclusion that the grill was outstanding and would be used alot more often. My parents came along and the coconut cream pie my mom brought nearly brought about a riot! I think I saw someone licking the pie plate clean!? :)
They finished their last day continuing the taping and mudding at Ms Lee's house. Monty and I finally got the chance to meet her when her bus brought her by to see the progress. She wasn't able to go inside as her wheelchair couldn't make it through the construction but the smile on her face was all we needed. She is so excited, so thankful and so anxious to return to her new home! She talked about being forever grateful to these teams who have come and blessed her so dearly.
It was so difficult to say goodbye to all of them this evening. It never gets easier -- never! Strangers come in on Sunday and by Friday they are family -- real family! I wonder if I will ever run out of tears when it comes time to say goodbye? Not!
Our doors will always be open -- no matter where we are working in disaster ministry -- doors always open!
We keep this team in our prayers as they travel for the next day and a half. We pray for safe travel, we pray for deeper relationships both between them and within their own families, we pray they will come back and work with us again!
We thank them for the life, the joy, the hope and the love they brought to the community and to us!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Robin said...

To everyone from Florida I enjoyed working with you all. Have a safe trip home and you are always welcomed here in Indiana.

Robin V.