Thursday, September 11, 2008

Minus 1, Plus 2

Ohio keeps on going -- even with one man down for the day! One of the team members not only had knee replacement surgery about 6 weeks ago he also had a pace maker put in a week later! And you think you aren't able to go on a mission trip????? He had a bit too much swelling in his leg last night so today he took the day to get some rest. The other two continued on sheetrocking and the house is looking great! Give a woman a power tool and she can do anything!!! Just look at the smile on her face!
They will be joined by two more team members later this evening. We knew this team would come in stages and they weren't kidding. Tomorrow night three more will join them. Just keep 'em coming Ohio!
I had more meetings today. This morning we had a meeting of all the subcommittee chairs and we always accomplish quite a bit at these. They are also great at keeping the communication flowing with who is doing what and where. We did take a moment for silence at 8:46am to honor those who lost their lives 7 years ago. We all remember just where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day! We ask the Lord to be with the surviving families as they relive the horror once again today!
The day ended with a meeting with the Spiritual and Emotional care subcommittee. I had never been to one of their meetings but was invited this morning. They are in the planning stages of a Sunday afternoon outreach day at one of the local parks. They want to combine food with fun and since we have participated in and helped organize quite a few of these in the south they asked if I could come and share some of our experiences. They have a great idea which we all took and ran with. We put together the format for a flyer to get the general information out as soon as possible. I liked the ideas they were putting together and was pleased to be a part and to be asked to return next week to finalize more of the plans. Since they have set the date for this event for Sunday, October 12 we only have 4 weeks. No problem!!!
It's an amazing thing to be a small part of other subcommittees and see what they are doing! All are working together like a well oiled machine -- all with the same goal of helping the people -- doing whatever it takes to do that! Like I have said before -- living the dream! Everyone with like values, everyone with like goals, everyone with like hearts --- no place else in the world I would want to be!! Thank you Lord, for this calling!! And thanks to all of you who continue to make it all possible by your support!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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