Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here we go

Here is what our blowout looked like! What a mess -- but -- the estimator came by today and hopefully we will be back and looking good before long. It could've been alot worse!

This morning started off with a meeting with Bartholomew County Long Term Recovery. It was awesome to be held at one of the local churches and to be opened with prayer. That's the life-line for all of us. It was interesting for Monty and I since we have been working with this same type of organization for over 2 years now. I now realize why God had me in those meetings every Monday morning! And I also know why He sent us back to MS for these past months -- to learn more and more to be able to come into this situation with experience that will help those who have not been through anything like this before.

Monty and Pastor A went to the volunteer submeeting and were helpful there. I went to the case management meeting and was appointed co-chairman. All those who are interested in becoming case managers will be attending training classes for 2 days next week -- invaluable information and completely free! The nurses of the hospital are starting the process since the hospital is closed indefinitely they are putting their time to excellent use. Case management is such a detailed and important part of the recovery and rebuilding. It takes balance to understand what the family is going through, learn more and more about them, maintain their confidentiality and yet not get too emotionally involved. We literally take them by the hand and walk them through every process and every step from the initial introduction to the completion of their home. It's the very essence of rebuilding lives and it's the opportunity to repeatedly allow those who are hurting to see the love of Jesus inside of each of us! That's always my prayer, let them see Jesus instead of me; let His love and light shine through me to give them hope!

Speaking of Hope, the Hope Outreach is growing by the day. The Nazarene effort dropped off supplies this morning and we were blessed to incorporate them into our outreach. We are awaiting word from the driver of the Convoy supply truck as to when he will arrive tomorrow. We will be organizing everything over the next couple of days with the plan of a "grand opening" of sorts starting Monday morning. With the holiday upon us we felt starting it Monday would be awesome and give time for getting the word out to everyone. We are also beginning to stage volunteers for the organization of the supplies and to help next week.

As always, God reaches in with surprises of love. This evening we received a call from one of our volunteers that came to MS to work a week with us. While Dallas was there he got really ill and had a very difficult week. Low and behold -- he was the one who called us this evening and said he had a small team coming this Thursday to help organize things! He only lives about an hour away and we were thrilled to hear from him and will be even more thrilled to see him again! Bless your servant heart Dallas!

As I thought about this day I realized how God orchestrates our lives. We might be doing something that we have no idea why we are doing it -- but it's in God's perfect plan. Monty and I have marveled at this very thought so many times over these past nearly 3 years and still marvel at it today. God has the plan book. He holds our lives in the palm of His hand. He knows where we will go next, what we will do. And as long as He hold the book of my life I only need it one page at a time! Thank you Lord, You bless me far beyond my wildest imagination!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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