Saturday, July 12, 2008

At the God appointed time

It's been over a month but the mud line/water lines still remain in some places, even with the rains we have had! Power washing landscaping might become necessary?!

Over the past nearly 3 years our next door neighbor, Shelley, has desperately wanted to be a part of our disaster ministry. She tried repeatedly to come to the south, to volunteer for a week, to maybe come along with another church team -- but it never happened. Over the months she got discouraged and felt it might not happen. All the while we continued to tell her that God's timing is always right and He would let her know when the "right" time came. Even though she keeps watch over our home while we are away she still didn't think it was enough. When we relocated to here in Indiana I think she thought she might never get to be involved. Her heart was still tugging at her, still wanting to "do something" to help those who have lost so much.

Last week she approached us with an idea. She has worked at Walmart for many, many years and wondered if there was any way they might get involved. She took that idea to her store manager, Scott, and THAT became her appointed time. Scott and the claims manager, Stacey, thought the idea was great and they jumped at the chance to do something. Only 2 days ago they made the decision to start collecting "things" to donate to our ministry. "Anything" would do, would be put directly into the community, into our ministry.

Today, after only 2 days we picked up a pickup truck bed full of items! We had the opportunity to meet both Scott and Stacey and talk with them and share our ministry. They were both enthusiastic and wanting to participate in any way they could. Monty even challenged them to put together a team from there, maybe even managers?, to come and volunteer for a day. Scott thought it was a wonderful idea and wants to follow up. They asked if we could come back for one of their weekly employee meetings and directly share stories of our ministry so the employees can get more of an understanding of the whole thing. We would love to!

And Scott also made the connection for us with the Columbus store. We are awaiting a call from them! They want to be involved also!

Many times we think these large department stores are just out to make money. The rumors of price gouging run rampant. But --- do we think about the human side of those large stores? Every once in awhile we are blessed to see "behind the scenes" to the reality of it all, to the humanity side -- and today was one of those rare opportunities.

Shelley thought her time to help had come and gone. Shelley realized today how God appointed her time to get involved -- she had a special gift to give to our ministry -- to the people who will be extra blessed with these items! I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of those receiving! Our goal is to capture some of those faces and take them back to the employees so they see the results of their serving hearts!

To Shelley --- God bless you! You recognized your appointed time --- you did not give up --- you listened, you acted and God will reward you!

To Scott and Stacey at Walmart -- you also listened, you also acted and God will also reward you!

We thank all of you and we consider ourselves blessed to see the hearts, the hands and the feet of those who understand and want to be a part of our ministry! We look forward to working with you!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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