Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vineyard "finishing"

Yes, the Vineyard home church team rolled in and started finishing the sheetrock in Bruce's home. He was smiling the entire day as he watched the progress.
Cheryl was setting the screws and quickly learned the difference between setting them too deep or not deep enough. Practice makes perfect! I think she also got in on the mudding!!
Big Pat took on the mixing of the "hot" mud. Rob (and Monty) are experienced enough to use what's called hot mud -- it dries in 45 minutes and some in 25 minutes. You MUST be experienced to use it or you can imagine what happens!
Rob started in just as if he was working a regular day! He's a contractor so this is routine for him. He and the team had the first coat on the entire house before the end of the day. The nail places have all 3 coats on and are done.
My mother brought their lunches, once again, and they enjoyed each bite! I think Bruce has been taking some of his lunch items back home for evening snacks!
Today was one of those days where the temps got a bit hot and sticky but the team kept taking in water and sweating it out just as fast. I know Big Pat enjoyed his ride back home as he came over on his motorcycle and I imagine the breeze felt pretty nice.
It was a great day all around, Monty even got to go and do some hands on work. He really enjoys that and would be happy to have the opportunity to do it more often. I have a feeling that if I can't find him sometime in this next week he'll be across the street at Bruce's doing some of the finishing himself! :)
A note about the first photo of my mother and myself. I think I forgot the story about the delivery truck. My mother's church has had a program of feeding the homeless for years. She has been the director of this and thus arranges for the food planning. The Gleaners is a local delivery for her and a truck was scheduled to arrive last week. She thought it would be loaded with food but instead it came filled with cleaning supplies and such. Knowing that her church didn't have need of the entire truck she sent it to us! It really helped restock our Hope Outreach! Monty took this picture of us --- not too bad really!! Thanks to my mom for once again making it possible for she and I to spend time together!!!
Hope all of you will be in your home church tomorrow to express your thanks and praise for all of your blessings!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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