Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Maryland

Blogger "issues" only allow me to post these 2 photos, sorry guys! Maybe tomorrow?!

Yes, late last night our team of 4 men from the state of Maryland arrived. They had a few challenges with our directions but they made it. Pastor Jerry and Don waited with us in their parking lot and were very glad to see them when they finally made it. I even saw homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for them in the kitchen so wives -- don't feel too sorry for them when they get home!

They were up and raring to go this morning. We referred them to one of the local restaurants where they were spotted immediately as "not from here." It's always nice for the teams to patronize the local places, not only as a boost for the economy but also as a boost to the people. Just seeing volunteers come into a community gives them hope and puts a smile on their faces. I think it has to do with that "joy of the Lord" thing that just shines without saying a word.

We had them busy here in the church all day. The pews were destroyed beyond repairs so they had to be taken apart, by hand, and tossed into the dumpster. Not an easy task but one these men jumped into. Even with the air conditioning I saw quite a bit of sweat dripping from foreheads!

My mother brought their lunch to them which made them feel much better! This wasn't just some cold sandwich -- I saw hot food and plenty of it! I know my mother and she knows how to cook! What an amazing blessing for these men! And I think I caught quite the smile on my mother's face also!! :)

One of the men went with Monty to check out our retired Pastor's home and another next to him. All the men will be working in both of those homes tomorrow. We always marvel at how God sends just the people we need --- Pastor's house needs a plumber and guess what -- one of these men is a plumber! Yes, Joe will get to do plenty of plumbing tomorrow!! They were ready to go this evening -- but I also think they just might sleep quite well this evening also!

I continued working with the nurses in their case management of homeowners. It's amazing to me to see how well they have their system going, even though they don't think so. We have our major meeting in the morning where everyone will come together and hopefully it will accomplish alot!

Both Monty and I went to the volunteer subcommittee meeting later this afternoon. It was another good one where much was set in motion.

A team from Frankfort, IN called and scheduled a weekend trip today also. It will be great to have fellow Hoosiers come to help fellow Hoosiers. And Pastor Jerry will have the place ready for them, for sure!

As I reflect on the day I realize the importance of everyone working together. It's never about anyone but always about everyone. We look forward to continued working together with this community and its people. We are thankful to God for calling us here and thankful to the people for welcoming us with open arms!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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