Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks Ohio, Welcome Vineyard

There they are, the team!!!!
They worked all day yesterday and managed to get Bruce's house completely sheetrocked! It looks professional! They worked past the time they planned on leaving but wanted to accomplish their task before heading home. We are so thrilled at what they did and how much fun they had in the process that we asked if there would be any way we could adopt them!? I think their families might object!
You can also see how part of the group had a fun time trying to clean the remaining mud from the church parking lot. The hose and water might look like fun but the shoveling part took some muscles! They did a great job and hopefully with the next rain we will have a better looking parking lot!
As they pulled from our parking lot around 6pm they were heading to take showers and hit the roads. Once again -- thank you Ohio for coming and blessing all of us! We welcome you back anytime -- for as many times as you want to come!! We will always have work for you and God will always have blessings for you as well!
This morning we welcomed our hometown church, The Vineyard to the neighborhood. They came to pick up where Ohio left off -- taping and mudding in Bruce's house. Bruce was up bright and early and ready to meet some new "family." One of the men on this team, Rob, is a contractor and hey Ohio---he said you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from the ones who must come in behind you with taping and mudding that is quite a compliment! That is what they will be doing all day long! I've seen how they work and it will be another incredible transformation by the end of the day. Rob will also be bringing teams the following 2 Saturdays. He has already planned on working on the basement wall that fell in.
As you can see in the one photo, lunch was once again delivered to the Ohio team courtesy of my mother's church! And it's definitely filling as one felt the need to catch a quick nap! Mom will be here again today with more lunches for this team! What a blessing that is to them. They don't have to leave and drive and try and find someplace to eat, not to mention the cost savings! Once again ------THANKS MOM!!!
Watch for another blog this evening with photos of this team. The internet was a bit "off and on" last night, thus the delay to this morning. Sorry!
Until later tonight . . . Susan and Monty

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