Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving right along

Finally ---- your prayers must have worked!! PHOTOS!!!!!!
The beginning ones show the work being done inside the church. They are doing everything from finishing the sheetrock to rebuilding the platform to stripping wallpaper from the restrooms! Whatever needs done -- it's getting done by everyone who has some time to donate - regardless of age! Each day shows improvement and that brings hope!
The men of Maryland finally get the press they have waited for. You can see what a great crew they were! Miss you guys and look forward to your return! Just remember -- each one of you is a team leader now!
My day started and ended with organizational meetings. Monty's meeting was in the middle of the day. I started with a special meeting introducing us to CRWRC, an organization who comes in and does very in-depth assessments after disasters. Everything they do, the program and the people to run them, are absolutely free! It was a great meeting and we expect them to arrive here as soon as they can put things in order on their end. It will enable us to cross reference our client base and try even harder to make sure people aren't faling through the cracks of the system.
From there it was checking on the case managers. As I said before, we have quite a few nurses who have been displaced since the hospital is closed. Some of them are working with us as case managers and doing an outstanding job. It is our prayer that they will be able to stay with us but a couple of them have already been reassigned by the hospital. They are sending them to other nearby hospitals. We don't want to loose them and are hoping our luncheon meeting tomorrow will allow us the ability to share their value and that they will be able to stay working with us.
Monty's afternoon meeting was with the volunteer sub-committee of the long term recovery organization. When they came to the realization that they didn't really have any problems they realized it was due to the fact that everyone is working so well together! What an amazing idea -- and one that is working!
My last meeting had to do with some furniture that has been donated, how to get it to the community in the proper way, how to get the construction sub-committee to understand what is needed by the clients and the case managers and just general last minute checks before our early morning meeting tomorrow with the case managers. We hope to get a better idea as to the number we will have doing the case managing.
Good news came today -- one of Mary's clients, Don, was moved into a FEMA trailer Friday evening! His home is in danger of being condemned and his prayers were answered with this new home. Who will be next?
I also spoke with an incoming team from North Vernon, IN. They are arriving tomorrow evening and will be continuing the work in Robert and Mary's home. And then they will also return to work this Saturday. They have asked Monty and I to come and speak at their church and hopefully to share the vision of long term recovery so they can continue sending teams into the area.
Monty told me that he heard from a team from Chicago wanting to schedule!! Great news!!! Bring them on!! We are ready!! The homeowners are really ready!!
I have a very special prayer request this evening. Monty's mother is in the hospital with an intestinal virus. It appears she will be there for a few days as she is really sick. Please join us with prayers of healing, comfort and love. He will be making a trip to visit her tomorrow so also pray for safe travel for him.
Until next time . . . LET'S GO TEAMS!!! Susan and Monty

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