Monday, June 30, 2008

Hope Outreach growing by the day

We are a bit more moved than yesterday and hopefully by tomorrow this time we will be all set up. Finding a location where we can plug into the power, hose in the water and dump water into the proper sewer line can be a bit challenging but it's going well. The power should be ready by tomorrow and then we're in.

We did hear from our insurance company and all we need is a good estimate and the repairs will be scheduled. Bless the estimator.

As we arrived at the church this morning we realized that the Hope Outreach had grown over the weekend. But the same thing started happening, something that is a bit upsetting. It seems that people who have garage sales and can't sell everything somehow think that donating it is the thing to do, some even leaving the price tags on the items. They just toss everything in a box and drop it at the door. Now you might be thinking that this seems like a good idea; I ask that you think again. Just because people have lost everything doesn't mean they should have to accept clothing that couldn't even sell at a garage sale. The Bible tells us to give of our first fruits! Many of the items in the boxes were not usable and then the ladies are forced to discard things which gives them even more work to do on top of everything else. I would ask everyone thinking of donating items to think about a couple of things --- is is something YOU would wear or use? Are you giving of your best or of your leftovers?

We also got the fantastic news that Convoy of Hope will be sending us a complete semi trailer this week. It will be filled with items ranging from diapers to water to bandaids to cleaning supplies to shovels to . . . We are so thankful to Convoy for their wonderful suppliers who realize the needs of the people and do what they can to help! We are getting a forklift lined up along with volunteers to help get things unloaded and stocked into one of the gutted rooms of the church. Pastor A will get the news to the media and we know God will be doing some amazing things with each and every item! Be sure and stay tuned for photos.

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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