Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maryland and Scriptures

You can see the Maryland team hard at work again today. They are in a home that had nearly 4 feet of water inside. The mudding and gutting was already completed and some sheetrock had been put up. These men went in and worked on plumbing, taping and mudding of the sheetrock and replacing more. They are doing a great job and from the smiles on their faces I think they're having a great time while working.
Once again they were provided "lunch" from my mother; if you call a full spread of meatloaf, macaroni and the works a "lunch'!! One of them mentioned needing a nap but I doubt he got there!! :)
While they were working away the youth Pastor here at Columbus First Assembly gathered a team of youth who went to our retired Pastor's home. They went armed with permanent markers and proceeded to cover the exposed stud walls with scripture after scripture. This home is held up by the word of God -- in the literal sense. Pastor's wife called this evening to thank them and she said how much they appreciated this act of kindness, love and service. This is something we started doing while we were on the Gulf and it needs to spread nationwide!
We held our first official case management meeting this morning and I am pleased to say that the meeting room was full! What a blessing this is for all those who need someone to come along side them and guide them through the "maze" of reconstruction, relocation or whatever changes they are going through following a disaster. We will be meeting once a week to discuss cases and also to be a support group to each other.
This evening our church held its weekly Bible Study night. It used to be Wednesday night but with borrowing another church some scheduling had to change. Pastor brought in the names of some of those who have come through the Outreach center to gather things they need. We divided them between those present and prayed over each and every one. We did this last week and I know it made a difference in the lives of those we have reached. One lady came to the Bible Study this evening after coming through the Outreach just today and receiving prayer along with her needed supplies. She testified as to how she had been praying all alone and how the power of group prayer had lifted her and helped her to realize she isn't alone! God and His perfect disaster ministry!
The 4 volunteers from Maryland also came to Bible Study and were warmly welcomed by everyone there. They showed how people's hearts are filled with joy when they see volunteers take time from their homes, their families and their lives to just come and help in any way needed.
I must make a special note in regard to one volunteer --- Berney! Happy 20th wedding anniversary to his wife --- both she and he rescheduled their 20th anniversary from tomorrow to next week!!! Now is THAT a servant's heart or what!!?? Bless you both for not only hearing the calling from God but following it! May God bless you with MANY more years together!
We have 2 more teams who have contacted us with schedules to come and work! This is so exciting and we pray more and more will call and have a time they can come. Be it a couple of days or a week --- you will make an impact and will be such an enormous blessing to so many!
Please continue to pray for this church as the rebuilding process continues day by day. The sheetrock is being hung in places and the sound system in the sanctuary is coming together. This is a HUGE financial undertaking and we are all praying for it to be completed debt-free! Impossible you say? Just remember that "with God NOTHING is impossible" and we are all standing on that promise. If you would like to help this church with that goal please log onto Pastor's blogspot listed in the links on this site. It gives the details. Pray and see what God lays upon your heart!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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